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ySense review india
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Today In this article I am going to share a survey website called ySense. It is one of the oldest and most genuine survey websites which has daily surveys.

Earlier it was “ClixSense” but soon they changed their name to Ysense. It is a popular survey website worldwide. For citizens of the USA the youngest age limit for registration is 13 years and for all the other countries it is 16 years.

I am sharing this website after trying it for some time. This is easily one of my favorite websites as I have earned almost $25 from it within my first month itself.

So without further wait let’s take a look into this article. I have also shared the Ysense tricks and Ysense referral code in this post.

ySense Survey Review India

Minimum AgeIndia & Other countries (16)
USA (13)
Minimum Withdrawal Amount$5 (Westside Gift Card)
Referral Bonus20% Referral Commission
Earning MethodsSurveys + Cash Offers + Referrals
Available Countries50+ (Including India)
Daily Survey BonusYes
ClixSense Joining LinkClick Here

How To Create An Account On ySense

Follow these steps to register your account and earn money from the Ysense survey website:

  1. Click on the button given above to visit the website
  2. After that you will be asked for an email and password
  3. Once you’ve done the above steps then you will be prompted to complete your profile with your name, age, gender, etc.
  4. After you’ve filled in all of the personal information then you will see your personal dashboard with your account details & earning methods.

How To Earn Money From ySense

ysense earning methods india

There are multiple methods by which you can make money on the ySense website. They also pay a lot higher than other websites for completing the tasks.

And if you complete your daily checklist then you get a bonus as well on top of whatever you have earned.

ySense also creates your survey profile for which they ask you several questions. For answering these you are rewarded $0.02 for every 10 questions.

Let’s take a look at all of the earning methods which are available on ySense briefly:

ysense daily paid surveys india

This is the primary and first method in which you don’t need to invest anything. To start filling surveys you will need to unlock them by giving a basic profile survey which will ask about your education, income, etc.

Once you’ve done that, you will see all the surveys which are available for your account depending on the details you have entered. I have personally seen $0.5 to $5 for just filling the surveys. 

Make sure to give the right answers as ySense keeps checking your details and if they find out that these are incorrect then your account can get disqualified.

You can follow the below steps to find daily surveys:

  • Go to your dashboard after sign up
  • In the top space you will see various options, just choose ‘Paid Surveys’ 
  • Now, you will see a list of surveys which you can fill to earn money
  • Make sure to fill each of them carefully and with correct option
  • Once you’re done, you will be rewarded instantly. (Surveys with red flags on them pay after 30 days of time period)

Tip: Keep checking this area during the day to fill maximum surveys. The more you are active, the more you will be paid.

Daily Poll

ysense daily poll review

These are small surveys which are made by ySense to collect data on some fun topics. They are only 1 minute long and pay $0.01.  You should complete them too for bonus rewards.

To access them follow these steps:

  • Sign up to your account and go to the homepage
  • Click on paid surveys option given in the top section
  • Scroll down to see the ‘Daily Poll’ option
  • Click on them and complete to get guaranteed $0.01 daily

Cash Offers

ysense cash offers india

This earning method consists of trying out new products, signing up on various websites for downloading some apps. Most of these tasks are easy to complete and pay up to $50 for a successful task. 

These tasks are generally very detailed so make sure that you have read everything about them before trying them as you won’t get paid if it is incomplete.

To start earning through this method follow below steps:

  • Sign up to your ySense account and go to home
  • In the top section, click on ‘Cash Offers’
  • Now, you will see a list of tasks which you can complete and all the details about them

ySense Affiliate Program

ysense survey affiliate program india

All of the above methods are quite easy to use and will help you in earning money from Ysense easily. But you can also earn some extra money by joining the affiliate program of ySense & then sharing the link to your friends and family. 

ySenseReferral Commission
Joining LinkClick Here
Sign Up Commission$0.30 (Top tier countries)
$0.10 (Other countries)
Activity CommissionFor <100 users 20%
For <200 users 25%
For >200 users 30%

In this method there are two ways by which you can earn from Ysense. Let’s take a look at them one by one:

Sign Up Bonus

This is a great method as you get $0.10 to $0.30 whenever someone will sign up through your link. This amount will be higher if that person is from a top tier country.

For Indian users the referral bonus is $0.10 which I hope will definitely increase if ySense gains some popularity here.

Activity Commission

ySense survey bonus checklist

This is the second way where you will earn through your referrals. The earning percentage will vary on how many active users you have. The more they participate in surveys & complete the cash offers the more you will earn.

Currently it is 20% for each referred user. But ySense rewards you if your referred users are active and increases your commission level. The criteria for this is:

  • If there are 100 referred people & all of them have done some kind of transaction in the past 30 days then your commission percentage will increase to 25%.
  • And if there are 200 people who are active then your commission level be increased to 30%

View Affiliate Stats

If you want to keep a track on your earning through your referrals then you can do that by following the given steps:

  • Go to your personal dashboard
  • In the top menu go to Affiliate > My Stats
  • Now you see a table where you can check the details of all the earning and bonuses which you got from your referrals.

View Referrals

Using this section you can see all the details of your referrals. This details will include their username, id, country, source, active time, earned amount, etc.

Follow the given steps to check these details:

  • Open your ySense account
  • Go to Affiliate > My Referrals option in the top menu
  • Here you will see a table with all of the details of your referrals

How To Withdraw Money From ySense

how to withdraw from ysense in india

Once you have earned some money then you can withdraw them in multiple forms. These services vary from country to country. For Indian users the process is fairly simple. Just follow these steps for withdrawal:

  • Go to your ySense dashboard
  • Click on Cashout given in top menu
  • Choose your favorite method and withdraw

Currently there are 8 ways for Indian users. Each of them have their own minimum amount criteria. You can see them in the table given below:

ySense WithdrawThreshold Amount
Westside Gift Card$5.00
Amazon IN Gift Card$6.75
Book My Show Voucher$10.00
LifeStyle Store Gift Card$5.00
Skrill Coupon$5.05
PayPal Transfer$10.00
Payoneer Transfer$52.00

ySense Survey Payment Proof

Here I am attaching my own payment which I got from ySense on my Paypal account. This took me almost 10 days of regular work.

ysense payment proof


In this post I discussed one of the oldest & trusted paid survey website. ySense has one of the best methods to earn money as well. Their daily bonus checklist is also a good way to start your earning journey!

I hope that this post about ySense review in India will help you. If you have any questions and doubts then don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment section. For more money making apps & websites don’t forget to join our telegram channel.

FAQs- ySense Review India

  1. How much time does it take to complete ySense surveys?

    Most of these surveys are 10-15 minutes long. There are some short surveys as well which are only 1 minute long.

  2. Are there any bonuses for being consistent in filling surveys?

    Yes, there is a bonus checklist as well. If you complete all of the tasks on that checklist then you get bonus rewards.

  3. Is ySense real or fake?

    ySense is a completely genuine website. It is a globally recognized survey website which has users in 30+ countries.

  4. Are ySense and Clixsense same?

    Yes, Ysense was earlier known as Clixsense and after some years they changed their name.

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