Washing Machine Buying Guide India (Latest) – A Buyer’s Guide

washing machine buying guide india
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Washing machines are great appliances. They reduce your work and give you clean clothes with proper washing. At the same time it can feel a bit hard to find a perfect washing machine for your home if you don’t have any previous experience.

That’s why to solve this problem we’ve created this washing machine buying guide India which you can use.

To make this as easy as possible, we’ve created a 5 steps strategy which you can follow. As a result, you will be able to narrow down your search even if your are on a tight budget. So, let’s begin without any delay!

Washing Machine Buying Guide India

Step 1. Decide Your Budget

This is the most important step as it helps in narrowing down the search. Depending upon your budget you can choose:

  • Semi-Automatic: 6,000 to 20,000 Rupees
  • Top Load: 14,000 to 40,000 Rupees
  • Front Load: 25,000 to 1 lac+ Rupees

As you can see in the list above that the prices of the washing machines vary according to the budget. So, before buying you should always define a budget.

Step 2. Choose The Type

The next crucial step in washing machine buying guide is to choose the type. Washing machines can be broadly divided into two basic categories:

  1. Semi-Automatic
  2. Fully Automatic


semi automatic washing machine buying guide india

As you can guess from the word itself, the semi-automatic washing machines do not have any fully automatic operations. They come with 3-4 basic wash programs to choose from.

These types of washing machines have Washer and Dryer. In the washer part you put your clothes and they get washed. And in Dryer part you have to manually move the wet clothes from the Washer for spin drying.

But they are the least expensive category of washing machines, hence people buy them due to their affordability. They are easy to use as well and don’t need any special assistance.

Who should buy ?

This type of washing machine is perfect for those who are buying their first washing machine and are unsure of the washing experience. Those who have a tight budget can also choose this type.

Differences between the Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Washing machines :

Semi AutomaticFully Automatic
More AffordableA bit expensive
Easy to useCan be confusing to use for the first time buyers
You control water according to your needsRequires to be connected with the direct water supply
More manual workDoes most of the thing at the touch of a button
Less power efficiencyBetter power efficiency

2.Fully Automatic

If you have a slightly extended budget then you can opt for these. These types of washing machines are equipped with the latest technologies and advanced features. Depending upon the difference in location of the door, they are divided into two categories:

  • Top Load Washing Machines
  • Front Load Washing Machines
A. Top Load Washing Machines
top load washing machine buying guide india

These washing machines have door location at the top for loading and unloading of clothes. Most of these are compact and require less space due to narrow design. They use paddles on the drum side for washing of the clothes. Due to simple design, most of these are easy to use. 

Their capacity is slightly less and due to this they are less efficient than the Front Load washing machines in the long run.

Who should buy?

This type of washing machine is ideal for those who have a medium budget and are new to the fully automatic washing machines.

B. Front Load Washing Machines

Front load washing machine buying guide india

Door location of these washing machines are at the Front for loading and unloading of clothes. They use agitators on the drum side which make them gentler on clothes than the Front Load washing machines. They come with the latest technologies and have digital displays which can be difficult for some people to use.

Their capacity is higher than Top Load washing which makes them more efficient and economical in the long run.

Who should buy?

This type of washing machine is best for those who are experienced users and want the best washing experience. With no budget limit you can get highly efficient washing machines in this category.

Differences between the Top Load and Front Load Washing machine:

Top LoadFront Load
Spin speed is lowSpin speed is high
Require less maintenanceRequire periodic maintenance
AffordableA bit expensive
Less efficientMore efficient
Have slightly less featuresHave more advanced features

Step 3. Decide The Size Of Washing Machine


As washing machines come in different sizes, it is important to decide what size will be suitable for you according to your needs. Size of the washing machine is measured in Kg in India. 

Depending upon the no. of family members you can choose:

No. Of Family MembersCapacity(in Kg)
2 – 36 – 6.5
3 – 47
5 – 67.5 – 8

Step 4. Choose Brand

The next step in washing machine buying guide is to choose the brand. There are some brands which are very popular in the washing machine market in India. These are:

  • LG: As we all know LG is known for its innovations and products in Home Appliances. They offer washing machines in both the categories – Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic. 
  • Whirlpool: It is also a well known company in the Home Appliances category. Their washing machines are well known and offer seamless washing experience. They also manufacture washing machines in all the categories.
  • Bosch: It is a German based company which is widely popular for it’s sturdy and durable products. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive components. They only make Front Load and Top Load washing machines.
  • Samsung: Well, who doesn’t  know Samsung? It is one of the top leaders in every technical products range. They are well known for their innovations and its implementations in their products. They also make washing machines in all categories.

There are many people who don’t know about Indian Washing Machine Brands. These are:

  • IFB: Among the Indian brands IFB is a popular washing machine brand and provides quality products which provide tough fight to the above brands. They also make washing machines in all categories.
  • Godrej: It is another well known brand in the Indian market. Godrej provides good washing machines with essential features and technologies. Their products are quite affordable and provide good value for money. They also make washing machines in all the categories.

Which brand to choose?

From the above section you may have gotten a fair knowledge of the top washing machine brands in India. They all provide the best washing machines available in the market. But when it comes to choosing the right brand for you should always choose the one which provides good quality service in your area.

This is because many times during the installation process some customers don’t get good experience due to the bad service of the company. And some of these companies don’t have good services in remote parts of India. So, it is always advisable to choose that brand which has good after sale service in your area.

Step 5. Important Features To Look For – Washing Machine Buying Guide India

All the above steps are essentials to narrow down the searches of the washing machines to a manageable list. In this step we’re going to talk about all those features and technologies which are present in a washing machine and can become a deciding factor. 

1.Drum Type

Drums are an essential part on washing machines and are responsible for the washing operation. There are two types of drums:

  1. Inner drum: It is the visible tub where the clothes are put. It rotates in the washing machine and has holes for the water to come in during washing.
  2. Outer drum: It contains the inner drum and water. It also stops the water from leaking into the body of the washing machine and it supports the inner drum.

These drums are made from different materials depending upon the price of the washing machine. These are:

  • Porcelain: These drums are used in low range to mid range washing machines. They are not rust proof and always cause problems in the long run due to chipping and wearing.
  • Plastic: These are also used in low to mid range washing machines. They are more durable than Porcelain and are inexpensive as well. Mostly they are rust proof but are weaker than the stainless steel drums. They wear with regular use and develop a hard surface which is responsible for damage to the clothes.  
  • Stainless Steel: These are the strongest drum types and are very durable. Also, they can hold up to higher spin speed which means quick washing. Unlike the Porcelain and Plastic drums which absorb stains and odors and become smelly, the steel drums are less porous and accumulate very less stains and odors in the long run.

2. Spin Speed

This is one of the crucial features of your washing machines, which will determine how quickly your clothes will get washed. It is measured in revolutions per minute(RPM). The higher the RPM of the washing machine, the better it will dry the clothes during the drying process.

The RPM requirement depends on the type of clothes. For delicate clothes 300-500 RPM is good while for thicker items like Jeans, it should be up to 1000 RPM. So, always lookout for washing machines with higher RPM. 

3. Inverter Technology

This technology is responsible for making the washing machine more efficient and helps in saving the electricity. Inverter technology enables a washing machine to run at an optimum speed according to the load which is put in the washing machine. Here, load refers to your clothes. 

As the power consumed is minimized using this tech, it helps in the saving of electricity. Hence, you should always look out for this feature as it is one of the essential features in this washing machine buying guide india.

4. Temperature Control

This feature allows you to control the temperature of the water present in the washing machine. It is achieved with the help of an in-built heater which adjusts the temperature of the water.

This feature is recommended for the winter season when the tap water is cold, which affects the quality of cleaning. It can also be helpful when you have a baby or elder members in your house as hot water clean the cloth stains easily and easily remove the odors present in them.

5. Washing Programs

These days washing machines come with a lot of washing programs.Most of them are for different types of clothes. But a few of them can make your life a lot easier if they are present in your washing machine. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Pre Soak: This washing program can be helpful in situations where you’ve got tough stains on your clothes or they are heavily soiled. Once the machine is filled with water and detergent then it shuts off for a  specific period of time, allowing the clothes to soak themselves in detergent which makes the dirt particle easy to remove.
  • Quick Wash: As the name suggests, it washes and cleans the lightly soiled clothes quickly in less than an hour. You can choose the wash cycle from 15 to 60 minutes.

6. Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic in washing machine india

This technology is used by many top load and front load washing machines. When the clothes are put inside then the sensors determine the optimum settings according to the fabric type and amount of dirt. It automatically controls the washing processes like water intake, wash time, water temperature, spin speed and rinse performance.

In this way the settings are optimized for the wash and give a seamless washing experience. This technology also makes the washing machine more durable as it reduces any unnecessary operations, while making the washing machine more efficient.

Now, after knowing all the important points and tips related to purchasing a washing machine, you are ready to start your research!

You can also take a look at our list of top washing machines. We have divided this list into 3 parts like – Top Load, Front Load & Semi-Automatic Washing machines :

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FAQs – Washing Machine Buying Guide India

Why is there so much noise during the spin cycle from my washing machine?

If this is an old washing machine, then there’s the possibility that the bearings of the drum are damaged or worn out due to regular usage. If it’s a new washing machine then it can be due to the cheap material drum bearings or a faulty one.

How long does a washing machine last?

A good washing machine can last for approximately 10 years depending upon it’s usage and caring.

Which is better, liquid or powder detergent?

A liquid detergent gives a uniform and clean wash while the powder detergent can leave residues and doesn’t mix well with cold water but is cheaper than the liquid detergent.

Can Washing Machines catch fire?

A washing machine can catch fire due to bad insulation of cables, faulty wiring, motor failure and faulty inner components.

Conclusion – Washing Machine Buying Guide India

We hope that you liked our washing machine buying guide and this article will help you in buying the washing machine and making you familiar with the terms which are used in this industry.

If you have any more questions or queries related to this guide then you can post them below in the comments section. We’d love to help you!

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