Vi Net Balance Check Number 2022 | How To Check Data Balance In Vi

how to check net balance in vi
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The internet speed in India has grown quite a lot in the past years. We went from 2G to 4G in less than five years.

This also increased our data consumption. That’s why we should keep a track of how much internet data we are using.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to check net balance in Vi (Vodafone Idea). With the help of various methods you will be able to know how much internet balance you are using on a daily to daily basis.

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What Is Vi (Vodafone Idea) Data Balance?

In most of the monthly plans of the telecom companies of India, they don’t give unlimited amounts of data. Instead, this data is limited and they cap the internet speed after the complete usage of allowed data.

This daily data varies according to the plan bought by the user. More pricey plans give more daily data in the Vi sim.

The cheapest plan provides 1 GB of data per day which increases up to 2.5 GB as the plan prices go higher.

Vi Net Balance Check Number 2022

The latest number to check the net balance in Vi sim is *199*2*2#. Using this number you can check out the data consumption of your device.

The code can be used pretty easily if you know how to check it.

If you are not familiar with ussd codes, then consider following these steps to check internet balance of your Vi (Vodafone Idea) number:

  1. Open the calling app. 
  2. Dial *199*2*2# in the dial pad. 
  3. After sending it you will receive a popup with some information, here you have to enter 2 in the reply bar and again send it.
  4. Within a few seconds there will be another popup which will contain all the information about your today’s data usage.
Vi CodesVi Net Balance Check Number
Code #1*199*2*2#
Code #2 *199#

Note: There is another ussd code *199#. If the above code does not work then you can use this one as well. This one will show you all the details of  the main balance of  your Vi number.

More Methods To Check Vi (Vodafone Idea) Internet Balance

If the above ussd code is not working for you due to any technical issue, then you don’t need to worry.

As there are more than one methods to check the internet balance of Vodafone Idea (Vi) sim.

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Check Vi Data Balance Using Vi App

how to check internet balance in vi app

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to check the net balance in Vi. I’d also recommend this, as for other methods you will have to dial the code or make a call again and again.

But in this, you just need to download the app once and you can check everything by opening the app. Not to mention that Vi also encourages it’s users to use the app.

  1. Install Vi application from Playstore.
  2. Enter your Vi mobile number and verify OTP code as you are a first time user.
  3. Once the verification is done, on the homepage you will see the remaining data balance on your number.
  4. You can also check the current active plan by tapping there or you can go to Main Menu > Active Plans.

Vi Net Balance Check Via Customer Care

If you want to get the details of your daily data usage through IVR then you can use this method.

Here, you will be able to choose your own preferred language and get all the information in that one.

Follow these steps:

  1. Dial 199 in the calling app.
  2. Call on this number.
  3. Enter 1 or 2 for the language choice.
  4. Hear the IVR instructions for the information.
  5. Enter the number which corresponds to checking the data usage.
  6. If somehow it’s inaccurate then, you can also connect to the customer executive for detailed data.

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How To Check Vi Data Balance Online 

how to check vi internet data online

If you regularly use pc and would like to check the net balance then Vi has also provided this service through their website.

Infact, this method will give you more insights on your daily data usage.

You can try this method, but first of all you will have to login by verifying your existing Vi number:

  1. Click Here to go to the official website of Vi for login. 
  2. Go to the login section and verify your number by entering it and it’s OTP code.
  3. Go to the dashboard/homepage of your Vi account.
  4. Here you will be able to check the data balance along with the current plan which you have on your Vi number. 

Check Vi Internet Balance Through WhatsApp

Many users don’t know but Vi also provides internet balance through Whatsapp chat. Using this feature, you can check your data plan and it’s validity without leaving Whatsapp.

It requires you to connect your number with the Vi Whatsapp chat facility. Follow these steps to know how you can connect it:

  1. Click on this link to link Vi’s Whatsapp account.
  2. Send a ‘Hi’ message.
  3. Once done, you will receive some instructions on how to use it properly.
  4. Then, choose the data option to get the internet details.

Note: This Vi WhatsApp chat is an automated bot which is made for helping Vi users in the chat itself. There is no real person, so it will not work if you send anything except the official commands.

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In this post I discussed how you can check the data balance in Vi (Vodafone Idea) using numerous ways.

I’d recommend you to use the official Vi app to check your daily internet consumption and how much data you will get daily. 

I’ll try to keep this article updated as many times the methods can change. If this article helped you in any way then comment down below to let me know.

FAQs- How To Know Internet Balance In Vi (Vodafone Idea)

  1. What is the Vi USSD code to check data balance?

    After the merger of Vodafone and Idea, they don’t have separate codes. You just need the balance check code of Vi which is *199*2*2#. This will work even if you have an old idea or vodafone sim.

  2. Can I check the Vi 4g data balance of another sim on my phone?

    Yes, you can easily do that. You will just need to login through that number in your Vi app and verify it through OTP. After that you will be able to check the internet balance.

  3. Why is checking data balance so important?

    It is very important to check data balance so that you will use the data as your requirement and know your data balance expires to renew the plan.

  4. How to check Vi data balance by sms?

    Currently Vi does not allow users to check the remaining data by sending sms. This might change in the future but currently you will have to rely on the above methods only.

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