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soundbar buying guide india
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Buying a soundbar can be hectic and this problem becomes worse if you are going to buy a soundbar for the first time. There are numerous companies in India which claim to be good, but not all of them provide good after sale service and a stable product.

That’s why to solve this problem we are going to provide you a soundbar buying guide in this blog post.

We will try to provide information on Soundbars and what technologies they use. This can be helpful to those people who want to buy a soundbar, but are unsure and have many questions related to it.

Soundbar And It’s Need


In simple words, a soundbar is a long and thin rectangular tube which has a number of speakers in it. It’s job is to deliver clear and loud sound which a TV can never provide.

You can buy an expensive TV and it’s sound will still not have that clarity which a soundbar can provide.

A soundbar has no. of advantages like:

  • Full Immersive sound experience
  • Crisp and clear dialogues
  • Use of various new sound technologies like DOLBY Digital, DOLBY Atmos, etc.
  • No need to buy an expensive TV for good sound quality

And as TVs are becoming thinner and better in quality, the more their sound quality is decreasing due to less space for inbuilt speakers.

Many TV manufacturers even assume that you will use a soundbar or home theater and hence they don’t bother to provide good speakers with enhanced audio.

That’s why it is essential to buy a good soundbar to get the best watching experience out of your TV rather than depending on the inbuilt TV speaker.

Soundbar Buying Guide India

1. Decide Your Budget

Samsung speaker closeup

The choice of soundbar depends on your budget as the price of soundbars can go up to 1 lakh+ rupees. The price of a soundbar will affect its quality, number of features and audio signature. Alternatively, you can choose soundbars upon your use as well:

  • If you want to enhance the sound quality slightly, then you can go for low budget soundbars. These kinds of soundbars are an inexpensive choice and can give good results. They don’t have too many features, but they’ll work better than the inbuilt speakers of TV.
  • If you want the best sound experience but don’t have the space or budget for a dedicated Home Theater then, you can go for the high budget soundbars. These kinds of soundbars are compatible with the latest sound technologies like DOLBY Digital, DOLBY Atmos, DTS surround, etc. They also have different modes for movies, news, games, etc. which helps in further enhancement of sound quality.

2. Check Connectivity Options

Connections are an important factor for soundbar buying guide india

After deciding your budget, you should check for the connectivity options of a soundbar. As your TV can have ports which are unsupported by the soundbars. Currently there are many popular connectivity options which are used like Optical, HDMI, AUX, etc. 

You should not depend on Bluetooth for connectivity, as in most of the cases it doesn’t provide the best sound quality out of the soundbar. 

3. Size and Installation place

TV in a living room

Always check the dimensions of the soundbar before buying, as a big and lengthy soundbar can look awkward in front of a small TV in a small room. For installation, there are two places where most of the people install their soundbars:

  1. Mounted on wall
  2. In Front of or beneath the TV

Depending upon your convenience you can place it anywhere you like, but make sure that there is an extra space so that they don’t look congested.

4. Best Soundbar Brands In India

This is one of the crucial factors while buying a soundbar in India as there are many brands which claim to have good quality soundbar but only some of them deliver the best quality as well as a satisfied after sale service.

Another good reason to buy a branded soundbar is that a good brand always has adequate no. of service centers in multiple cities, which is helpful in case of some technical problems and faults in the soundbars.

Here are some of the best soundbar brands in India which are popular for their quality and customer service :

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Yamaha
  4. Boat
  5. Mi
  6. Philips
  7. JBL
  8. Sony
  9. Denon
  10. Polk
  11. Bose

5. Other factors to consider

These are some other factors which you can consider before buying a good soundbar for your TV:

  • Subwoofers: These are external speaker drivers which in simple terms, are responsible for production of low frequency audio and amplification of sound. They help in creating a full and immersive sound experience throughout the room. A wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere according to the choice.
  • Wireless Connections: While wired connections like Optical and HDMI are best for TV. Many times you may want to use a soundbar with your phone. In these cases, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options can help.
  • DOLBY and Channels: The number of drivers and subwoofers of a soundbar are represented in a decimal format like 2.1, 5.1, etc. The first number indicates no. of speaker drivers. The number after decimal indicates no. of subwoofers. And in many cases a last number is also present, which indicates the no. of dedicated DOLBY drivers.

Now, after knowing all the essential things, you are ready to buy the best soundbar according to your budget.

We have also created a list of Top 15 best soundbars under the price ranges – 10000, 20000 & 40000 rupees. This will help in narrowing down your search to some of the best ones :

Top 15 Soundbars which you must take a look at before buying

FAQs – Soundbar Buying Guide India

How can I make my soundbar sound better?

To enhance you soundbar’s sound quallity, you need to :
1. Buy a soundbar large enough according to the size of the room.
2. Use HDMI cable to connect with the TV.
3. Turn off the inbuilt speakers of the TV while using the soundbar.

Which soundbar is best in India?

There are many soundbars which give amazing audio quality, if you don’t have any budget and want the best audio quality then you can go for the Bose & Yamaha soundbars.

Can I connect my smartphone to the soundbar?

Yes, you can easily connect your smartphone to the soundbar using Bluetooth. You just need to pair it while connecting it for the first time.

Which is better soundbar or speakers?

Soundbars are easy and cheap alternatives to the speaker systems. You can place soundbar any where due to it’s compact size while the speaker system needs a dedicated space.

Do I need a subwoofer with my soundbar?

Subwoofer is not necessary for good sound output from the soundbar but if you have an option then you should buy it as subwoofer helps in producing low frequency sounds which is not available in many soundbars.

Conclusion – Soundbar Buying Guide India

Buying a good soundbar is not an easy task and it requires proper knowledge of soundbars & sound technologies related to it.

This was our attempt to help you in getting a soundbar buying guide India which you can trust. We hope that this guide will help you in selecting the best soundbar for TV.

If you have anymore questions, then you can ask them in the comments section, we will love to help you!

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