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Shopsy Refer And Earn Offer From Flipkart
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Shopsy is an online shopping app which is introduced by Flipkart to offer varieties of products along with the feature of getting paid on each order.

Anyone can earn money using it by sharing the links of the product. Once an order is verified a margin amount is sent in the wallet of the user. It has huge potential for those who want to earn money through the internet. 

Currently there are 15 crore+ products which are listed on it and it has 1 lakh+ trusted suppliers with reliable delivery systems.

It is an easy to use app with proper UI experience. You can share your earning link on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat etc. to expand your earning potential.

Shopsy App Review

Shopsy AppSummary
Download LinkDownload Shopsy App
Sign Up Bonus₹150
Referral Bonus₹50 Referral + ₹100 Welcome Bonus
Earning On Each ProductNot Fixed (Variable)
Minimum Withdrawal₹100
Withdrawal OptionsOnly Bank Account

Steps To Refer And Earn ₹150 From Shopsy App Into Bank Account

Steps To Refer And Earn Money With Help Of Shopsy App
  1. Click on this link or button above to download the app.
  2. Open the Shopsy app and click on the ‘Start Earning’ button.
  3. Enter your Mobile number for the OTP and then click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. After entering the mobile number, OTP is sent to your mobile number.
  5. Enter the OTP number and click on the “Verify” button.
  6. The ‘Congratulations’ banner will show on your screen if you have downloaded the app from the above link (This means you got the ₹100 Referral Bonus).
  7. Now click on the account & you will get the ‘Refer & Earn’ option and click on it.
  8. The Dashboard will display your all earning status from your referral links.

Shopsy Referral Code 2022

Shopsy gives everyone the opportunity to earn money by sharing product links with their friends & family. This is the official app from Flipkart and you can easily earn ₹150 per successful referral.

You also need to remember that you will only get your sign up bonus & referral reward if you place an order. Your friend will also need to order a minimum ₹300 amount product for referral money.

Refer Friends To Shopsy App And Earn Money

  1. Firstly, You have to open the home screen of the app then click on the ‘ account’ button.
  2. Now click on refer and earn option.
  3. On the dashboard you will be able to see your earning status.
  4. Click on the ‘Refer your friends’ button.
  5. Now choose your method of sharing from the various options and earn by referring Shopsy using your link.

How To Use Shopsy App

How to use shopsy app

Here are some of the basic steps which will help in you with navigation within the app. The design can change in newer versions but most of them will have same basic structure:

  1. On the homepage you will see lots of listed products with good discounts. There will be many tabs in the app as well for navigation.
  2. First tab is home, where you can find lots of products and search for them.
  3. Second tab is shared, where you can see all products whenever you share them with your friends and groups.  
  4. Third tab is earning, where you can see your all earning and status of withdrawal amount.  
  5. Orders is the fourth tab, where you can see the status of all your ordered products. 
  6. The last is Account tab,  There are lots of options like:
    • My Earning –  You can check the status of all earnings. 
    • My Bank Account – Here you can add and check your bank account details.
    • My Orders – Status of order placed
    • My Customers – Add customers with details 
    • My Wishlist – List of favourite products
    • My Cards and wallet –  To check gift cards and add various payment cards 
    • My Reviews – List of all reviews of products 
    • My Questions and Answers – check your questions reply
    • Learn – Here you can learn more about shopsy 
    • Sell on Shopsy – sell your product on shopsy
    • Refer and Earn – Dashboard of earning through refer and send offer
    • Contact Us – Details of shopsy’s contact like email & helpline number
    • Help Center – For getting solutions to any bugs or problems within the app
    • Legal – You can check term and conditions of users
    • Logout – If you want to logout of the current account

How To Add Bank Account Details In Shopsy App

How to add bank details in Shopsy.jpg
  1. Open your shopsy app and click on the ‘Account’ tab.
  2. Click on the ‘My Bank Account’  and click on the “ Add Account” button.
  3. Fill in the details of the billing address for invoice purpose and click on “Save & continue”.
  4. After the billing address successfully entered.
  5. Enter your bank account details and click on the “Save” button.
  6. Shopsy will deposit Rs 1 to verify your account.  
  7. Verification status will display on the “Earning” tab. 

How To Withdraw Earnings In Shopsy App

Withdraw earnings in Shopsy App
  1. Open your shopsy app and click on the “My Earning” tab.
  2. Click on “withdraw now” and the minimum withdrawal amount is  Rs 100/-. 
  3. Click on the “Confirm & Proceed With Eligible Amount”. 
  4. “Payment Request Received” success page will display on the screen.
  5. Within 1-2 business days withdrawal money will be credit to your business account.

FAQs- Shopsy App Refer And Earn

Can I update my billing address & bank account details in Shopsy App?

Yes, You can update details by going to the “My Account” tab.

What happens if bank account details are wrong?

To correct your details, Open your shospy app and go to the “My Account” tab. Click on the “My Bank Account” option and click on the “Add Account” button. Fill in all the details required for it.

What is the minimum withdrawal money?

The minimum amount to withdraw is ₹100.

What happens if payment fails?

If your bank account details are correct then contact Shopsy support team to ask the reason about payment failure.

Can I add any other person’s bank details like friends and family instead of mine?

No, You can only add the name of the registered user to the bank account.

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Shopsy Refer And Earn Offer- Conclusion

We hope that this article will help in you getting appropriate information regarding earning money through Shopsy app.

Before starting your earning make sure that you and your friend and ready to place an order worth ₹300 or more otherwise nor you or your friend will get the sign up bonus.

With consistent work you can easily earn ₹5000 or more just using the Shopsy app.

If you have any questions or doubts then feel free to ask them in our comment section. Till then enjoy this awesome refer and earn offer from Shopsy!

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