Jio Me Port Offer 2022 | Plans, Details and List

jio me port offer
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Jio is offering many offers to those who are interested in porting to a Jio number.  If you’re one of them who would like to port from their current telecom network to the Jio network then you should read this article properly to know what the Jio port offers.

Usually people port to other networks because their current sim networks don’t work properly. So, it is necessary to take a look at how porting to jio will help you in the long run.

To read the exclusive current offers, continue reading the article. You can also take help from the table of content given below.

What is Jio Porting?

TRAI which is also known as Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Its basic purpose is to regulate the telecom sector with rules and regulations to stop companies which are providing poor service to their users for profit. 

Many times people face poor network issues, bad customer service and high price plans. So, TRAI has introduced an important policy which is named as MNP or Mobile Network Portability. 

Note: Under this policy, Indian users can port to a different telecom company without changing their mobile number. That’s why Jio is offering some extra features to those who are porting to their network.

How much does porting to Jio cost?

Every telecom company charges a certain amount when someone ports on their network. And Jio is no exception among them.

In the case of porting to Jio, you will be charged ₹19. This will include the cost of the new sim as well and you won’t have to pay for anything other than this.

Jio Me Port Offer 2022

After successful porting you can take help from the below table to do your first recharge after porting to Jio.

While there are many plans you can choose, according to me currently these are the best Jio mnp plans which you will get at value for money.

Jio MNP PlansValidityDataJio Port Offer
₹29928 Days2 GB/DayJio TV + Jio Cinema + Others
₹49928 Days2 GB/DayFree Hotstar + Jio TV + Jio Cinema + Others
₹66684 Days1.5 GB/DayJio TV + Jio Cinema + Others
₹71984 Days2 GB/DayJio TV + Jio Cinema + Others
₹2999365 Days2.5 GB/DayFree Hotstar + Jio TV + Jio Cinema

Note: Unlike what many people think, there is no free plan given by any company on porting. You will still have to buy a plan.

Benefits of Jio MNP Offers

Jio offers one of the best deals in the market for porting users so that they use it for a long time. It is the number 1 service provider company with 415 million users all over India.  

These are some of the advantages to join its network and read properly each benefit so that you will identify if joining its network is worthy or not.  All benefits are given below :

All 4G Network 

The Jio 4G network covers the whole India and  currently provides the best value for money 4G experience. Jio is the first telecom service provider which provides 4G network all over India.

As Jio towers are installed in a large number of Indian cities, your internet connection will work fast. You can also increase the internet speed significantly by changing the Jio 4G apn settings.

High Definition Voice

One of the problems users face when using the internet calling is that they always experience the noise disturbance in the background. This is a common issue, but in Jio it is heavily reduced as compared to other networks.

You will also be able to call in villages due to a widespread network. For this you can use JioCall and JioChat.

Free Voice Calls

Jio offers free voice calls for those who like to have daily long talks. You will receive unlimited calling and that too will be for as long as you want.

You will never have to pay any single extra amount for calling other than the plan which you have bought. Moreover, you can activate DND in Jio and block spam calls.

Fast 4G Speed

Jio has fast 4G internet. Its highest reported speed is 24.1 Mbps. This one is the official published data of TRAI.

Jio is the first telecom provider company which introduced 4G speed in 2016 and brought an internet revolution in India. Due to it’s awesome features it is still on the top in the Indian market.

Best Entertainment

Jio has it’s own live streaming app to entertain their users. These are available for both android and iOS devices. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Jio Tv: It has more than 800 channels in 15 languages such as Hindi, English, Maharati, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Tamil etc.
    • You can also watch cricket, football, tennis and WWE etc. on it without paying. It is included for free in every Jio plan. 
  • Jio Cinema: It is more like a movie app with a huge library of it. Here you will find all kinds of movies, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood, etc.
    • You can also customise your tab by adding favourite movies. 

Note: Those who will join will get free access to Jio Tv and Jio Cinema forever without paying any extra charges. In some Jio Hotstar plans you also get unlimited access for 1 year.

Unlimited Data

Jio offers unlimited data on all of its plans till their validity. Once you have consumed your daily limited data, you will still be able to use the Internet on the capped speed of 50-60kbps which is not bad.

There are many more offers besides these for new users who will do recharge under the Jio mnp offers.


I have explained all of the offers and benefits which you will get when you will port to Jio in the above section. 

If you are still confused whether you should join Jio or not, then don’t worry. Jio is currently the best telecom service provider in India and millions of Indians are already using it.

I am also using the Jio network and I am completely satisfied with its performance, offers and great features.

I hope you got the information related to the Jio me port offers.If you have any questions related to this topic then you can comment below!

FAQs- Jio MNP Offer 2022

  1. Are the Jio Me Port offer and the Jio mnp offer same?

    Many times people think that these two are different offers. But in reality both of these are the same offers with just different names. Once you have ported you will get the same benefits in these.

  2. What is the minimum price plan for MNP Jio?

    The minimum price plan is ₹299 and this plan has many offers such as unlimited data, HD voice, unlimited free calls and Jio Cinema etc.

  3. Can I buy my first Jio plan once I’ve ported to it?

    Yes, once you have ported successfully and dones the verification, then you can buy their plans just like any other Jio user.

  4. How much time will it take for my ported Jio sim to get activated?

    The new ported Jio sim gets activated the next day of the porting process.

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