How To Deactivate/Remove Caller Tune In Airtel

how to deactivate caller tune in airtel
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Hi Readers! We know how extensively the Airtel caller tune feature is used by users. Also, if you are using them, then you should know the methods to disable it.

There are many possible ways to do that on your Airtel number. But many of the regular hello tune users don’t know how to stop it.

So in this article I will guide you on how to deactivate Airtel caller tune in the best ways. These are personally tested by me. So, without any further waiting let’s take a look at this topic.

What is Airtel Caller Tune?

Airtel offers many services and one of them is caller tune. Using this service, people can change the default boring caller on their number and can replace it with their chosen song.

You can change your caller tune to any language song such as- English, Hindi, Punjabi, Maharati etc. Airtel offers this service free for its users and there are no charges when you are using it. 

Airtel Caller Tune Deactivate Number 2022

airtel caller tune deactivate number

You can also change the caller tune to the previous default one by calling on a toll free number. The number to deactivate hello tune in Airtel is- 543211808.

Here’s how you can do it on your device:

  1. Open your phone’s dialer pad and type the number given above.
  2. Call it and wait for the response.
  3. Now, you just need to follow the instructions of IVR.
  4. Once done, you will receive an sms within 5-10 minutes which will have the confirmation that your number is opted out from the hello tunes.

More Methods To Remove Airtel Caller Tune

Instead of just one way, I will show you how you can achieve this same thing in various ways.

Just choose any of the below working methods and you will be able to remove the Airtel hello tunes on your sim.

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Airtel Caller Tune Deactivate Code

Many people like to use ussd code as it provides a simple interface with proper information. Currently there is no direct code for this purpose, but I have found a workaround for it:

  1. Open calling application on your device. 
  2. Dial *121# in the dial pad and send it.
  3. A dialog box will be displayed on your screen, enter ‘7’ in the search bar and again click on the send button.
  4. After that enter ‘2’ and send it. This is to stop a service. Now again enter ‘2’ and send it. 
  5. A list will appear in the popup box which will show all the active services on your number.
  6. Find the caller tune in it and send its position number
  7. Your request will  be successfully approved by Airtel and caller tune will be deactivated.

I have also provided an alternate code in this table:

S.NoAirtel Hello Tune Deactivate Code List
2.Dial *121# and follow above steps

How To Remove Hello Tune In Airtel Wynk

deactivate hello tune in airtel wynk

Airtel Wynk Music is an online music platform which is used to listen to songs, podcasts and live concerts. Airtel provides free and unlimited access to the Wynk app.

Apply given steps to stop caller tunes using the Wynk app:

  1. Open Airtel Wynk Music app on your device.
  2. Click on the Hello Tune button in the navigation bar of the application.
  3. Here you will be able to see what song/music you have used as your caller tune. You can change it from here if you want.
  4. Press the Manage button and go to the All Callers section. 
  5. Here you will see the option of removing the current caller tune. Just go to it and click on it.
  6. After this, the caller tune will be deactivated on your Airtel sim.   

Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune Through SMS

stop airtel hello tune through sms

This is the simplest way to stop Airtel caller tunes. However, this method sometimes doesn’t work properly and you may need to send this sms more than one time.

Here are steps for it:

  1. Go to the Messaging application and open it on your device. 
  2. Create a new message and type “STOP”.
  3. Send this text to 543211.
  4. After sending a message, you will receive a confirmation message of deactivation of the caller tune on your number. 

Note: You have to make sure that the text you write is in capital letters. I’ve tried it with smaller letters but it didn’t work.

Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune Via Customer Care

If you are unsure or somehow the above methods are not working then you can call customer care for this issue. They will stop the Airtel hello tunes quickly.

You can try these steps:

  1. Click on the phone application and open it.
  2. Dial 121 in the dial pad. 
  3. After dialing a call then a customer support staff will receive your call .
  4. Explain to them that you want to deactivate caller tune on your sim and ask them to stop this service. 
  5. They will quickly do this from their side and you will soon receive a message for confirmation of the same.

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Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune Via Airtel Store

Airtel has offline stores for their users to provide better user experience through these. It is located in every state and also available in many cities.

You can go there to Activate/Deactivate caller tune service on your Airtel number. Here are the steps you can follow for this:

  1. Open the official website of Airtel on your browser.
  2. Click on the store button which is located in the navigation section. 
  3. Enter your location pin code in the search bar. 
  4. Select the nearest store to you from the search result. 
  5. Go to the selected store and ask help from staff to stop the hello tune service on your sim.

Note: They will do it on the spot and will also explain those methods so that you can do it on your own without any hassles.


After using the Airtel caller tune service for so many years, I recently decided to deactivate it on my number. During this process, I found many ways and wrote this post with that experience.

These methods work all over India, it doesn’t matter if you’re in north or south India. If you are facing any issue in any of the methods then you can comment down as well for additional help from me.

If you like this article then you can share it with your friends, families and contacts using the share button given below.

Have a nice day!


  1. Is the hello tune in Airtel the same as the caller tune?

    Yes, they both are the same. Hello tune is just like a brand name for the caller tune of Airtel to attract new users.

  2. Will I be charged for using caller tune on my Airtel number?

    No, this service is totally free. Your chosen song/music will remain as a caller tune for 30 days and you can change it as many times as you want.

  3. How to deactivate Airtel caller tune in India?

    Just follow the steps given above properly and you will be able to do that. Though I will recommend the Airtel wynk method for most of the users.

  4. Will I need to register on Wynk for using the Airtel caller tune service?

    Yes, I’d advise you to create an account on it to use the Airtel hello tunes. From there, you can set it and stop it anytime you want.

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