How To Deactivate Call Forwarding In Jio 2022 [Working Methods]

how to deactivate call forwarding in jio
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Most of the time when we activate the call forwarding in Jio sim, we forget about stopping it. This thing sometimes causes network issues during the calls. That’s why It is important to know how to deactivate jio call forwarding.

This article contains all the official methods to stop the call transfer feature on your number. It is very easy to use and free of cost as it is offered by Jio to all of its users. 

Let’s take a look at how to turn off the forwarding feature in Jio, and what are some of its benefits. I have also added a trick where you can check the current status of this service.

Why To Stop Jio Call Forwarding?

In simple words, call forwarding helps you to redirect all of your calls to another mobile number for specific situations. I have already explained this feature in depth in my previous article.

If you are using this service then you should also know about it’s deactivation methods as sometimes it can complicate the overall call diversions related to your jio sim.

By using the methods given below, you can stop this service of forwarding all your calls from your number.

This feature is mainly used in these four scenarios:

  • Always forward all of the calls.
  • Only divert call when currently busy.
  • Only forward the call when it is unanswered.
  • Only divert when the number is unreachable.

In modern days, it is inbuilt in the mobile device itself. But all the telecom brands also provide this service in their SIM cards which can be used by the USSD codes.

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Methods To Deactivate Call Forwarding In Jio

These are the recommended ways to stop the call transfer service from the Jio number. I have provided steps in each method as well.

Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding in Android

  • First of all, go to the mobile settings of your device. 
  • Click on the search button which is located at the top of the screen. 
  • Search ‘Call Forwarding‘ and it will show you some search results. 
  • Click on the top one and select the Voice option to turn off this feature in your device. 
  • After selecting the Voice option, these options will be displayed on your screen.
Jio Call Divert ReasonsDescription
Always ForwardOff
When BusyOff
When UnansweredOff
When UnreachableOff
  • Deactivate the options which were previously ‘On’
  • Now, call forwarding is deactivated so all of your calls will be made without any redirects.

Deactivate Jio Call Divert in iPhone

  • Go to settings of your iPhone.
  • Find and select Phone option in the list. 
  • Now, you will see the inbuilt call forwarding feature.
  • Turn off it by tapping on it.
  • Now, your iPhone call will not be transferred and you will be able to pick it up normally.

Jio Call Forwarding Deactivate Number (Code)

  • Open the calling app on your device (You can use these codes on any device, be it an android smartphone or iPhone)
  • Depending upon your requirements and preference, dial the code. You can take help from the table given below:
Jio Call Forward Deactivate Codes ListCodes
All calls forward*413
Only busy calls*406
Only unanswered calls*404
Only not reachable calls*410
Unconditional Jio calls*402
  • After dialing, a computer generated voice will confirm that call forwarding service will be stopped in your Jio number. 
  • Now, no call will be diverted to any other number and you will receive them, like a normal one.
  • If you want to deactivate Jio call forwarding using a USSD code then dial *402 in your dial pad then all calls will stop to transfer to another number.

Deactivate Jio Call Forwarding via Jio Store (Offline Way)

If you are unable to follow the process on your own, then this is the best way to get the Jio call divert problem solved.

jio call transfer deactivate via jio store
  1. Click on this link and a tab will be opened in your browser.
  2. Enter your location pin code then find the nearest Jio store to your address.
  3. Visit the store and ask for help from store staff. 
  4. They will help you to deactivate the Jio call forwarding on your number.
  5. Now, your calls will not be diverted.

Deactivate Jio Call Transfer via Customer Care Number

  1. Open the phone calling app of your device.
  2. Call Jio customer care on their number– 1800 889 9999
  3. A call executive will receive your call.
  4. Now, explain your problem related to call forwarding deactivation.
  5. They will help you to solve your problem with your Jio number. 
  6. Once done, Jio call forwarding will be stopped.

How to Deactivate Call Forwarding in Jio Fiber Voice Number?

Many people use their Jio Fiber for calling, and some also turn ON the call forwarding on it. If you are one of them, then follow the below steps to stop the call transfer service:

  1. First of all, Install the “JioCall” application from the Play store
  2. Open the app and enter your mobile number.
  3. Now, verify it by OTP code.
  4. Press the three dot button which is located at the top right side in the app.
  5. Click on the call forwarding option.
  6. Choose from the given options to stop call forwarding on your Jio fiber number.

How to check the status of deactivating Call Forwarding in Jio?

It is necessary to know the current status before changing anything regarding the jio call forward code service. That’s why I would recommend you to double check everything by doing this:

settings to stop call divert in jio
  1. Open your calling app then click on the three line button which is located at the left bottom
  2. Click on the Settings option and find the call forwarding option in the list of settings. 
  3. Tap the Voice option to check your calling features. 
  4. Now, you can check the status of this feature.
  5. If it’s not found then you can also look in the Settings > Call Settings


In this post we discussed some of the best ways to deactivate the stop the transfer of calls in Jio. This is especially helpful for those who already have availed this service on their number. 

I hope that this article will help you in solving this issue. If you are still having some confusion or would like to add another method, then make sure to comment down below.

I hope you understand and clear your questions related to this feature . If you want help to solve your problem with this feature then comment below us.

Thanks for reading this article!

FAQs- How To Deactivate Call Forwarding In Jio

  1. Is deactivating service free of cost in Jio ?

    Yes, it is totally free of cost. It doesn’t matter if you want to start or stop this service, it is Free in both of the cases.

  2. Can we add another telecom brand number in Jio call forwarding?

    Yes, you can add any telecom company’s number for diverting the calls. It will work for every Indian sim such as Airtel, BSNL and Vi etc.

  3. Is it safe to use jio call forwarding service?

    Yes, it is completely safe and won’t harm your device or sim in any way.

  4. How do I stop the transfer of my Jio call to another number?

    I have provided all the methods in the above sections. Just follow the steps and it will be done in no time!

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