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How to check vi call history
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Call details are an important set of records which help us. But what if you require the information about the calls made or received in a particular month?

While this can be found out using the call log app in the phone, using the EBill service of Vi for this makes much more sense.

If you are a Vi (Vodafone Idea) user then, this article will definitely make your life easier. As in this post, I will share the best methods on how to check Vi call details.

This is possible because our network providers have all information about our phones and sim cards. And using their official methods, we can extract the required call history.

This post is for both the Vi prepaid and postpaid users and the given methods will work on both types of sim.

Check Vi Call History Online Using App

Before using any method to get Vi call details, you will have to first connect your personal email id to your number. And this can only be done from the Vi app.

Also, I’d recommend this method to most of the users as it is the easiest one to understand and follow. 

So, if you have not installed the Vi app before, then you should download and install it on your device. Once done, open it and enter your Vi mobile number and verify it using the OTP code.

After that you should update your account which is located in the My Account section. Here, you will have to enter a valid email id which will be used later to receive the call details.

know vi call history online using vi app
  1. Open Vi application. 
  2. Go to My Account in the menu navigation bar. 
  3. Tap on the Recharge History & Prepaid Bills.
  4. Click on the Email Bill button.
  5. A form will be displayed on your screen in which you will have to select the month for which you want the call details.
  6. Once filled, you will receive a notification on your registered email. It is usually sent in under 20-30 minutes.
  7. After receiving the email, open the attached pdf.
  8. As it is a password protected document, you will have to unlock it first.
  9. To do this, enter- First 2 letters of your name & Last 4 digits of your Vi number.

For Example– If my name is Sourav and the last four digits of my Vi number is 2034 then the password for my pdf will be- so2034.

  1. Enter your code.
  2. The pdf will be opened and you will be able to know the call details for your Vi sim.

Note: All the letters in the above created password should not contain any capital letters. There should also be no space between the name and the numbers.

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More Methods To Find Vi (Vodafone Idea) Call History

Once you have registered your email id in the app then you can also use the below methods for getting the call methods.

These methods will work in those scenarios when you have zero internet data or some technical glitches in the Vi app.

Check Vi Call Details Via SMS

This one is quite easy to use and it does not require an active internet connection for it to work. The official sms number for checking the call history is 12345. This is a toll free number and you won’t be  charged for sending the sms.

Using it, you can find the call history of a particular month. Also remember that currently it is not possible to get information of the ongoing month in Vi sim.

Just follow the below instructions to get the call details by sms:

check vi call details by sms
  1. Open Messaging app.
  2. Create a new message and type BILL<space>MONTH in the text section. 

For Example- If you want to check the call details of the January month then type BILL JAN

  1. Send this message to 12345.
  2. After this, you will receive the Vi call history pdf on your email. 

You can also take the help of this table for understanding the format.

S.NoCall MonthVi Call Details SMS Format
1.For JanuaryEBILL JAN
2.For FebruaryEBILL FEB
3.For MarchEBILL MAR
4.For AprilEBILL APR
8.For AugustEBILL AUG
9.For SeptemberEBILL SEP
10.For OctoberEBILL OCT
11.For NovemberEBILL NOV
12.For DecemberEBILL DEC

Note: To automatically get the Ebill on the 1st of every month, you can dial ‘ACT EBILL’ and send it to 12345. To cancel this service, dial ‘CAN EBILL’ and again send it at 12345.

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Find Vi Call Details Via Customer Care Number

If none of the above methods are working, then you can try to talk to customer care regarding the call details. Also note that, you will be asked some questions so that they can verify the ownership of the Vi sim.

These details mostly include- Name of the owner of the sim, address of the sim owner or last recharge details.

You can follow these steps to use this method

  1. Call the Vi customer care on 199.
  2. After connecting the support staff, verify your ownership by giving them the necessary details.
  3. Once you are verified, you can ask them the call details according to your requirements.
  4. After this, you will get all the call records in your emails.

Know Vi Call History Via Ussd Code

If you just want to just check the recent call details, then you can do this easily by the ussd code. This number will help you in gathering the last 3 call details on the Vi sim.

Apply these steps to use it:

vi last 3 call details ussd code
  1. Send *199# in the dial pad.
  2. A popup notification will appear on the screen. You have to enter 2 here.
  3. In the next popup, enter 3.
  4. Now you can see which last 3 numbers were connected to your Vi number.

Note: Alternatively you can also dial the *199*2*3#. This will give the same details as the above one.


As you can see, by following the correct steps and methods, one can easily get the call details of their Vi (Vodafone Idea) number.

My favorite way to know the call history is using the Vi app and I’d advise most of the Vi users to use it. These methods can change in the future and I’d try to update the article during that time.

If this article can be a help to someone you know, then you can share it with them. For any help regarding the topic, you can comment down.

Thanks for giving this post a read!

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FAQs- Vi (Vodafone Idea) Call Details Info

  1. Can I get the last 5 call details in Vi?

    Yes, with the app and sms method which I’ve explained above, you can know the last 5 call history of your Vi number. You can also check the call log in your smartphone for this.

  2. Does it cost to get the Vi call history?

    No, this service is provided totally free of any extra charges by Vi. Also, there is no limit to how many times you can use it.

  3. How to get Vi’s last 6 months call details?

    Just follow the ways given in this post and you will get the last 6 months call details easily.

  4. Can I get the call history of another Vi number?

    Using official ways, it is not possible to get the call details of another Vi number without access to the OTP. However, there are some online apps and services which provide this but cost some charges.

  5. Can I use the above methods to check Vi postpaid call details?

    Absolutely! This post is helpful for both the prepaid as well as the postpaid Vi users.

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