How To Activate DND In Airtel 2022 | Official 5+ Methods

how to activate dnd in airtel
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If you are looking for ways to stop spam calls/sms on your Airtel sim then this post will definitely help you. As in this article, I will provide many methods to activate the DND service for the Airtel network. 

DND, also known as Do Not Disturb is a simple yet effective solution to stop incoming spam on a phone number.

This feature was introduced by TRAI which is Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. It was launched to secure the consumers from getting unregulated promotional calls/sms on their mobile.

There are many ways to start this service. Here, I will share some of the best and most widely used ones. Just follow the step by step process and it will be successfully activated.

Airtel DND Activation Methods 2022

These are the official methods. Choose any of the below and follow the process to start DND service in your Airtel sim.

1. Activate Airtel DND Using Airtel Thanks App

  • Step 1: Open Airtel Thanks app on your device. 
  • Step 2: Go to the menu and click on the Manage Services.
  • Step 3: Now, tap on the Activate/Deactivate DND button and select preferred time bands like:
    • 00:00 Hrs to 06:00 Hrs
    • 06:00 Hrs to 08:00 Hrs
  • Step 4: Select the days on which you want to stop the promotional and service calls & SMS.
  • Step 5: Now select which mode is better for you. 
S. NoAvailable Modes
1All Mode
2Voice Call
4Auto Dialer- Pre Recorded
5Auto Dialer- Agent
  • Step 6: After selecting all options, submit it.
  • Step 7: Now based on your selections, the DND will be activated on your Airtel number.

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2. Activate DND On Airtel Via SMS

  1. Click on the Messages application on your phone.
  2. Create a new message and enter your preference in the message box.
  3. Take a look at the list of the available codes in the below table.
  4. Send the code to 1909.
  5. Now you will not receive spam calls & SMS on your airtel mobile number.
Airtel DND SMSSectors
START 0Completely Block
START 1Bock only financial sector
START 2Block only real estate sector
START 3Block only education sector
START 4Block only health sector
START 5Block only automobile and consumer goods sector
START 6Block only entertainment, communication & IT sector
START 7Block only leisure & tourism sector

3. Activate Airtel DND Using Airtel Website (Online Method)

  1. Click on this link and you will be redirected to the official Airtel website. 
  2. Press the Click here button which is located in the red square box on the left side.
  3. Enter your Airtel number in the mobile number field
  4. Do the OTP verification.
  5. Select the option which service you want to stop on your mobile number. 
  6. After selecting the options, confirm it by just clickicking on the Submit button.

4. Activate DND in Airtel via Call

activate airtel dnd via call
  1. Click the mobile phone button in your home screen. 
  2. Dial this number 1909 on your dial pad. 
  3. Follow the IVR prompts and select which service to stop in your mobile number.
  4. Now, DND is activated in your mobile number and you will not receive calls & SMS from the promotional services. 

5. Activaate DND in Airtel via Customer Care Number

airtel dnd start methods
  1. Dial 121 and call the Airtel customer care.
  2. After ringing, an operator will pick up your call and ask about your problem. 
  3. Explain your problem to the operator and they will help you in activating the DND.
  4. Now, the promotional spam will stop on your mobile number once it’s activated.

6. Activate Airtel DND in Via Airtel Store (Offline Way)

  1. Click here to visit the Airtel Store page.
  2. Enter your location pin code
  3. Find an Airtel store which is nearest to your location.
  4. Go to its store and tell your problem to the staff and they will help you in activating the DND.
  5. Now, you will never receive spam calls and SMS on your sim unless you again deactivate this.

How To Check Airtel DND Status?

check airtel dnd status steps
  • Step 1: Go to the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Step 2: Click on the menu > Manage Services.
  • Step 3: Tap the Active/Deactive DND tab.
  • Step 4: Now you will see the current status of the DND feature of your mobile number.


DND is a widely used feature across the world but most of the people in India don’t know about it. Sometimes people think that this feature is a paid one. But I can assure you that none of that is true.

It is 100% free to use the DND feature on your number. Infact, TRAI encourages people to use this if they are getting frustrated with promotional services.

Once you apply any of these methods step by step, the Do Not Disturb feature will be activated on your Airtel sim within 24 hours

I hope you got some help from my article and if yes then share this article with your family and friends. But if you are still getting some issues while availing this feature, then comment down below so that we can help you!

FAQs- How To Activate DND In Airtel

  1. Is Airtel DND service free?

    Yes, it’s a totally free service from Airtel. And I would highly recommend to turn it on.

  2. How much time it takes for activation of DND in Airtel?

    Most of the time it will be done within few hours. But it can also take 24 hours at maximum.

  3. Why is DND important for Airtel users?

    At least every customer should know that this feature exists as sometimes we give our phone numbers unknowingly to marketers and receive spam calls from them.

  4. How many ways to activate DND in Airtel ?

    There are many ways to activate this feature in Airtel sim. Take a look at the above section to know the steps.

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