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hotstar download for pc
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Hotsar is one of the best apps to stream Tv shows, movies and live cricket. If you are one of those people who’d like to download Hotstar to get the full enjoyment then you should follow the methods which I’ve given in this article.

These methods will work on any version of windows and you will be able to download and install Hotstar on windows 7, 10 and 11 as well.

I have personally tried and tested all of these methods and I can assure you that they will work fine as long as you follow the instructions step by step.

Let’s take a look at how you can use Hotstar on the desktop.

Hotstar Download For Windows 7/10/11

Officially Hotstar has smartphone apps for both Android and iOS devices. For the PC and laptop users they have a web version. This means that till now there is no official app for Windows users. 

If you want to use Hotstar on pc then there are three ways to do this:

  1. Use android emulators like Bluestacks and install Hotstar app on them
  2. Use the web version using any popular web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  3. Use Microsoft’s windows subsystem for Android if you have windows 11.

Both of the above ways are used by people. However, personally I like the first one, because with this method I can use the 499 plan of Hotstar which is only available on its smartphone app.

In this way, I am able to save on monthly subscription while enjoying the HD view on my pc screen.

Minimum System Requirements To Install Hotstar On Windows PC

hotstar apk for pc

Before installing the android app of Hotstar on your pc make sure that your system at least has these requirements. Because, without these the app will not work properly and give errors.

  • Windows Os: Windows 7 and above.
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM is recommended for a smooth experience.
  • Processor: Any Intel or AMD processor.
  • Storage: Minimum 5 GB of free space.
  • Up to date graphic drivers. These can be from Microsoft or chipset vendors.
  • Administrator access of pc.
  • Enabled virtualization settings in Bios
  • Working Internet connection

Disney+ Hotstar Apk For PC Details

As the downloaded Hotstar app will be of android version, it will have all of the features of the official app. Here are some details of the official app:

Disney+ Hotstar Description
Apk NameHotstar 
Download LinkClick Here
Size22.00 MB
Latest Version12.3.1
Total Downloads500,000,000+
Minimum RAM4 GB
Minimum Storage5 GB
Supported OSWindows 7, 8, 10, 11
Offered By Novi Digital
Official WebsiteHotstar

Benefits Of Downloading Hotstar On Windows

There are several benefits which you can get by downloading Hotstar on your windows PC. Some of which are:

  • Better experience of 4k videos to watch movies and webseries. 
  • Enjoy Live IPL 2022 with Full HD Display of your PC. 
  • Audio quality is too good due to Dolby audio. 
  • Access to watching movies and webseries on the big screen.
  • Ease of use with the official app.
  • Access to all Marvel and Disney related content. This also includes kids shows like Mickey Mouse, etc.

Web version of Hotstar is good but the app one is also good as it has the same interface of the android app which makes the navigation easy. 

Download Hotstar For PC Using Bluestacks

The first way to download and use Hotstar on pc is using the popular android emulator Bluestacks.

It is an online mobile cloud platform where you can connect and run android applications on your PC running Windows OS 7, 8, 10 or 11.

It allows you to use android games and apps on pc. It is the most popular android emulator and is used by many people for its simplicity and stability. Currently it is available for Windows and Mac OS only.

As there is no official Hostar application which is made specifically for PC, we have to use Bluestacks. The installation is really easy. 

Follow the below steps to install and run Hotstar on pc:

Step 1: Download and Install Bluestacks on your windows system

bluestacks apk download

First, you have to download the Bluestacks software on your pc and install it. You can use the button given below to download it from the official site.

Once downloaded, install it by following the instructions given on the page. You can also take help from the above video.

Step 2: Open BlueStacks And Sign In Using The Google Account

Once successfully installed, you will need to sign in using your Google account. This is mandatory as it uses Google play services which can’t be used without a Google account.

Step 3: Download Latest Hotstar Apk

Now, you can open the play store on the Bluestacks, and search for “Hotstar”. Once found, download it. If somehow you are experiencing problems in using the Play store, you can use the button below to download the latest version of Hotstar apk.

Step 4: Install Hotstar Apk In Bluestacks

Once you have successfully downloaded the Hotstar app either from the play store or from the above link, you have to install it.

Step 5: Open Hotstar On Pc And Sign In

login to hotstar for pc app

After installing, open the Hotstar app and sign in using your registered Hotstar account. Now, you should be able to see your personal account and the dashboard.

Enjoy your favorite shows, movies and live IPL 2022 on Hotstar pc!

Step 6: Get Free Hotstar Premium Subscription

If you already have a hotstar premium account then you don’t need to do anything. But if you don’t have one then you can read our article where we have given some FREE methods by which you can get a premium Hotstar account.

Hotstar For Pc Using MEmu Emulator

If Bluestacks is causing problems for you and not running properly then you can try the MEmu emulator to run Hotstar on your pc as well.

It works on both AMD and Intel processors alike, therefore you shouldn’t see any performance issues while running it.

Follow the below steps to try it:

  1. Download the MEmu emulator from its official website.
  2. Install it by giving the administrator access to your pc. 
  3. Now open it and sign in with your Google account.
  4. Open it’s Play store and search for “Hotstar”. Alternatively you can download the Hotstar apk from the button we have given above.
  5. Install the app and sign in using your Hotstar account.
  6. Enjoy the live streaming of IPL 2022 on your Hotstar app for pc.

Hotstar For PC Without Bluestacks or Any Other Emulator

If you didn’t like the above methods or they are not working for you, then follow these methods as they will run on most of the systems and are less intensive.

Create Shortcut For Hotstar App For Pc

If you want to run Hotstar without Bluesttacks on windows 7, 8, 10 then I have another option for you to run Hotstar. This takes the least time and it is the official way to run Hotstar on a pc or laptop. It will also work if you have a Mac or Linux OS.

  1. Open Google Chrome web browser on your pc
  2. Go to Official website of Hotstar by clicking here.
  3. Open the menu by clicking on the three dots given in the top right side of the chrome browser.
  4. Go to More > Create shortcut option
  5. You will see a popup. Enter whatever you like it to be called.
  6. Tick the “Open as Window” option.
  7. Click on “Create”
  8. Now you will be able to directly launch the Hotstar from the desktop area and watch it without any worries.

You can also create a simple bookmark but this option is more logical as if you have a large number of bookmarks then it will be hard to find Hotstar among them.

This method will allow you to use Hotstar’s web version without installing anything extra.

Use Hotstar App For Pc Using Arc Welder App Chrome Extension

download hotstar on pc using arc welder

In this method you can directly run the Hotstar app on your windows pc without installing any other software. You just need a Chrome browser and an extension.

Before trying this method, make sure that you have the latest version of Chrome. Follow these steps to try this method:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Go to the chrome app store and search for “Arc Welder”.
  3. Install it and give all the required permissions.
  4. In the settings, change the “Orientation” and “Form Factor” according to your preferences.
  5. Download the Hotstar apk and add it by clicking on the “Choose” button.
  6. To run the apk, click on “Test”.

Arc Welder is a special chrome extension which is used by developers. However, anyone with some basic pc knowledge can use this and enjoy watching Hotstar on their pc.

Hotstar For Windows 11

If you have windows 11 on your pc then you can directly use android apps on it. This is the Microsoft’s official method and you don’t need to install any additional software like Bluestacks or any other android emulator for it.

To download Hotstar on Windows 11 follow the steps given here:

  1. Make sure that your system fulfills the minimum requirements for using this feature.
  2. Update the Microsoft store to the latest version.
  3. Once confirmed, enable the virtualization settings on your pc.
  4. Now, install the “Windows subsystem for Android” from the official Microsoft app store.
  5. Install Amazon app store. Currently Google play store is not available so you will have to install apps from the Amazon app store.
  6. Sign in using your Amazon account
  7. Now, search for “Hotstar” on this Amazon app store and download it.
  8. Once it is installed, you will see the icon for the Hotstar app on your pc.
  9. You can launch the app just like any other normal windows software.

After following the above steps you can easily download hotstar for windows 11 and enjoy it.

Conclusion- Hotstar Download For Laptop/PC

Hotstar is a great live streaming app and with some little work anyone can download the Hotstar for their windows pc and enjoy it.

In this article I discussed several ways to install and use Hotstar on pc. I hope that one of these methods will work for you.

If you have any extra methods which I forgot to put in this article or if any method is causing any issues then you can write them in the comment section given below.

Thanks for reading!

Hotstar Download For PC- FAQs

  1. Can Bluestacks run and install on Windows 10?

    Yes, You can run and install Bluestacks on Windows 10. You can even run this application on Windows 7 and 8. You can follow the above steps to install and run it successfully.

  2. Does every android application work on Bluestacks?

    Yes, every android application can run on Bluestacks. When it is first installed, you will need to sign in using your Google account. After that you can run any android app which you want by downloading it from the play store.

  3. Why do we need Bluestacks?

    Sometimes there are some apps or games which don’t feel comfortable on smartphones and we may want a bigger screen. In that case Bluestacks is the perfect windows software to go for.

  4. What are the advantages of Hotstar apk for pc?

    There are many advantages but the main one is that you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows and live IPL 2022 on a big screen in the mobile only subscription of Hotstar and you will be able to save money as well.

  5. Can I watch live IPL 2022 on Hotstar for pc?

    Yes, you can stream the live IPL 2022 matches without any worries using the Hotstar apk for windows. We have given all the steps in this article for doing this.

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