Call Forwarding Code Airtel 2022 | Activate Call Divert On Airtel Number

Call forwarding Code Airtel
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Have you ever missed your important calls when your phone was accidentally switched off or out of reach?

If yes, then you must take a look into the call forwarding feature. In this article, i will discuss how to activate call forwarding in Airtel.

If you are a regular Airtel user then this is something which  you should know as this feature has helped me many times.

Let’s see how it works in and how you can implement it on your number anytime you want.

What is Airtel Call Forwarding?

Airtel call forwarding is a calling feature that can divert the calls coming on your number to another mobile number.

This alternative number does not need to be in the same smartphone, it can be in a different phone as well.

This call transfer takes place on the basis of some conditions which if come true, will trigger this feature on your Airtel number. You can divert your call to another Airtel number or a number with a different network operator. 

This means that you can do Airtel call forwarding to- Jio, Vi (Vodafone Idea), BSNL, etc.

What are the Airtel call forwarding charges?

Well, this feature is totally free. Yes, it is completely free of cost and Airtel will not deduct anything from your balance.

You also don’t need to buy any specific Airtel plan for this.

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Call Forwarding Code Airtel 2022

There are a bunch of Airtel call divert codes which you can use depending upon your custom requirements. These codes are given here:

Call TypeAirtel Call Forwarding Code
Airtel Call Forwarding For All Types Of Calls*21*<10 digit number>
Airtel Call Forwarding When Busy*67*<10 digit number>
Airtel Call Forwarding When Not Answered*61*<10 digit number>
Airtel Call Forwarding When Not Reachable*62*<10 digit number>

Here’s a demo for how you have to write these codes:

Example: For Diverting only when the number is busy- *67*9998XXXXXX

If you are not familiar with how to use the ussd codes, then you can follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the call application at the bottom. 
  2. Choose the Airtel divert code according to your preferences and dial it in the format which I’ve shown in the example.
  3. Don’t forget to write the alternate number as given in the table.
  4. Now press the call button.
  5. You will hear an IVR confirming that this service is activated.
  6. You can test by calling on this number.
  7. If it works then this service will remain active unless you stop it.

Extra Methods To Activate Call Forwarding In Airtel

It is possible to start call divert feature in Airtel by using more than one methods. You can continue reading to see how they are used.

Set Call Forwarding For Airtel Sim In Smartphones

how to activate airtel call forwarding in phone

This is my preferred method as it does not involve calling a number or sending a ussd code which gets confusing easily. Actually call forwarding is present inbuilt in today’s smartphones. 

The steps of this method will highly vary for each phone, but you can take the general navigation idea from here:

  1. Go to the mobile settings and search “Call Forwarding”.
  2. If there is no search option, then go to the phone settings.
  3. Find and choose the “Call Forwarding” from the shown options.
  4. Now, you should see four different options to choose from. These will be somewhat like this:
    • Always Forwarding: This means all of the calls will be diverted to the other number
    • When Busy: This option will only forward the calls when your current number is busy.
    • When Unanswered: If the call is not answered from your side, then it will transfer the call.
    • When Unreachable: If your number becomes unreachable then this option will divert the calls.
  5. You will have to choose your preferred option.
  6. After this, enter the phone number on which these calls will be forwarded.
  7. Done! Now you have activated the Airtel call forwarding.

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Activate Airtel Call Divert via Customer Care

You can also call on the Airtel customer care to set the call divert service. This method can be tried by following the given steps:

  1. Open your phone application on your device. 
  2. Dial 121 and call on it. 
  3. Wait for the customer support to take your call.
  4. Once connected, you can clarify your doubts about the call divert feature and ask them to activate it from their side.
  5. They will do that and confirm that it is activated.
  6. Make sure it’s working by doing a test call.

Start Airtel Call Forwarding via Airtel Store

airtel call divert via airtel store

If the above methods are too confusing or complicated for you, then you can go to an offline Airtel store to get this feature activated.

Follow the below steps to know how to do this:

  1. Click on the Airtel Store link on the official Airtel website.
  2. Enter your location pin code.
  3. Find the nearest Airtel store. 
  4. Visit it and ask for the help from the store staff regarding the Airtel call forwarding problem.
  5. They will start the call divert feature with your preferred options.
  6. Now, it will be activated. 

How to check the status of Airtel Call Forwarding ?

Modern smartphones with built in features can show you the current call forwarding status without downloading any extra app.

You can do this on your own phone by going to the:

Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding


Call forwarding is one of the most useful features which you can learn. In this post I showed you how you can set call divert in Airtel with the help of various methods.

On the top it’s free as well. If you think that anyone in your friend circle or family will get major help, then consider sharing the article. You can use the sharing buttons given below for that.

If you encountered any technical issue while applying the given methods, then comment down below with that.

FAQs- Airtel Call Divert Code

  1. Are the above call transfer methods working?

    Yes, all of these are tried and tested methods by me.

  2. Can I forward the sms of my Airtel number just like the call?

    No. Currently there is no official service from Airtel by which you can divert the sms as well. However, you can use many apps which provide this service.

  3. Why is Airtel call forwarding important?

    If you want to use the call transfer feature in Airtel then, you will need to follow the steps of call forwarding and activate it properly.

  4. Is Airtel call forwarding fully secure?

    Yes, it’s fully secured. But don’t forget to deactivate it once the problem is solved. Otherwise all of the calls on your number will be forwarded forever!

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