BSNL Caller Tune Number 2022 | Working Methods (Song List, Toll Free)

bsnl caller tune number
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As Indians we love to set our favorite songs as caller tunes on our mobile number. It is also not known by many people that they can start this service on their BSNL sim easily.

So this article is totally about how to activate BSNL caller tune. I have explained all the possible ways to activate it. Every method is very secure and safe and this is an official method which is provided as a service by it. 

Make sure to follow these methods step by step as this service is not free. This means that for every additional feature you will be charged by BSNL.

What is BSNL Caller Tune?

Every telecom service provider offers a special type of service to set songs as the caller tune. Activating this service will change your default caller tune from the boring tring-tring to your favorite music.

You can set this caller tune for the major Indian languages such as- Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bhojpuri, etc.

BSNL Caller Tuner Number 2022

To activate it on your sim you will have to call on the BSNL to caller tune number- 5670087. Follow these steps to try it:

You will have to first choose your desired language then you will be able to set songs. This is a mandatory step in this method.

  1. Open calling application on your device. 
  2. Dial 5670087 in the dial pad. 
  3. Select the language which is suitable for you.
  4. Follow the IVR instructions for selecting the song.
  5. Once you’ve found your favorite, set it as your caller tune by confirming.

If the above number doesn’t work, then you can try on these alternate numbers. I have provided them in the table given below:

S.NoBSNL Caller Tune Number

Methods To Activate BSNL Hello Tune

These are the working and updated methods to start the caller tune service for BSNL users. Continue reading to see which one is suitable for you.

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Activate BSNL Caller Tune Via App

set caller tune via my bsnl tune app

My BSNL Tunes is the best application to activate caller tune service on your number if you have a modern smartphone which supports apps.

Using this you can simply search your favorite song and click on the set button. The steps are very easy:

  1. Go to Playstore and search “My BSNL Tunes” then Install it. 
  2. After installing this application, open it and allow all permissions for better performance.
  3. Enter your BSNL mobile number then click on the OK button and verify OTP code. 
  4. Once you are on the homepage, you can search different songs from the search bar.
  5. You can also play these songs to test them.
  6. Once you have sorted out your favorite song, click on the Set button which is located below the song.
  7. After this a successful notification of the caller tune will be displayed on your screen.

How To Set BSNL Caller Tune Online

If you have a pc or laptop with an active internet connection, then I’d advice you to use this method. It will save your time and you will be able to search for songs in a larger database.

set bsnl caller tune online
  • Go to this link using a browser.
  • Login to your existing account. New users will have to sign up first.
  • For verification, you will also have to provide OTP.
  • Once you are in the dashboard, you can find your favorite songs by their name, artist’s name or movies/album’s name.
  • Select the song which you want to use.
  • Press the Set Tune button for activation.
  • Confirm your choice and enjoy the new caller tune!

Activate Via BSNL Caller Tune Code 2022

The USSD code to activate BSNL caller tune is *567#. It is the official code provided by BSNL for this service. Simply apply the given steps:

  1. Dial *567# in the dial pad of the calling application.
  2. Send it and wait for a popup box to appear.
  3. Now, choose your favorite song from the list. If you don’t like the default options, then you send ‘5’.
  4. A search option will be displayed. Enter the song name which you want to set.
  5. Again a list will appear, choose from this list by sending the corresponding number.
  6. After this, you will receive a confirmation regarding this service. If you agree, then enter “1” to activate it for 30 days.
  7. If you don’t want to start it then, cancel the prompt.

Note: A song as a caller tune will cost ₹12 per month and the charges of each one is same. You will not be charged more. These deductions are standard for all BSNL postpaid and prepaid users.

How To Set BSNL Caller Tune By SMS

Users can send a simple sms on the BSNL caller tune number 56700 for starting the caller tune. Follow the given steps to start using it:

  • Create a new message via Messaging application on your device. 
  • Enter the text in following format:

BT <Space> Song Code

Example: BT 7480875

  • Enter BT <Space> Song Code in the message section.
  • After that send this message to 56700 to activate your favorite song as caller tune. 
  • Now you will receive an sms from BSNL regarding the successful activation of caller tune in your BSNL sim.
  • You can also send sms to the BSNL caller tune number (Toll Free) 56799.
BNSL Caller Tune ListSMS Format
For default BSNL TuneBT ACT
To search for your favorite songSearch <space> Song Name
For a particular songBT <space> Song Code

To get the Song Code you have to go to the official website of BSNL tunes where you can find it for each tune. 

Each song code is unique and you won’t be able to use it for another song code. Without it you can’t activate caller tune. 

You can also set your name as caller tune on your BSNL number. This is known as BSNL Tunes. For this, just follow these tips:

  • For South and East Zone users of India- “NT <space> Name” send to 56799
  • For North and South Zone users of India- “NT <space> Name” send to 56777

If you send the SMS to the number which is not for your zone, then this service will not be activated and it will give invalid response.

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Visit BSNL Store To Active Caller Tune

This method is recommended for those who have tried all of the above methods and still the caller tune is not properly set on their number.

Follow these steps to try this method:

  1. Open Google Map application on your device. 
  2. Search BSNL Store in the search bar and select the nearest store to your location.
  3. Go to that store and ask help from store staff to activate BSNL caller tune on your BSNL SIM number. 
  4. Apply the method which is guided by them and you will easily activate this service on your mobile number. 

Note: If there is no BSNL store in your area or they are located far from your location then it would be better to choose other options to activate this service like- USSD Code, SMS, Call and app.


I have shared all information regarding the BSNL caller tune and I hope that this article will help you to activate this service.

Also you have to consider that this service is not free for BSNL users. To set a song as a caller tune you will need to pay some extra money. Also, currently there is no refund policy for this service. 

If you have any issues which are related to this topic and somehow you are unable to activate your BSNL sim then simply contact the BSNL customer care- 18001801503

You can also comment below if you want some help from us.

FAQs- How To Set Caller Tune In BSNL

  1. What is the charge for activating BSNL caller tune?

    The charges for activating BSNL caller tune service is ₹30 for 30 days to set a song as caller tune then it will cost extra ₹12 per month.
    The charges will be same it does not matter which method you used for activating it.

  2. Is there a return policy for the amount deducted in BSNL caller tune?

    No, there is no refund policy for these charges. That’s why I always advise readers to choose them carefully.

  3. What is PRBT in BSNL?

    PRBT also known as Personal Ring Back Tone is a service by which users can set a customized song, tune or piece of music as their caller tune, which will be heard whenever by the caller.

  4. Is BSNL caller tune free?

    No, it’s not a free service by BSNL. The users will be charges depending on the duration for which they have activated this service.

  5. What is OBD in BSNL tunes?

    It stands for Out Bound Dialing. It is a customized service by BSNL under which you will receive a call where a list of popular and superhit songs will be played for you.
    Then you can choose your selection from them and set it as your caller tune.

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