Top 10 Best Speaker Brands In India (2022)- Review & Details

best speaker brands in india
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There has been a huge demand for speakers in India and this has given rise to more than 30+ brands in the recent years.

While we always advise our readers to look for the models available according to their budget, sometimes it helps to know what are the best speaker brands in India

It’s a fact that no brand is best in all segments of speakers like- Desktop speakers, Studio Monitors, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

As some of the brands only compete with a few models, here we have tried to list all the Top companies who have produced quality speakers consistently.

Please note that this list is made by analyzing different speaker models across various price ranges and considering many technical points.

This list is just our perception of the Top speaker brands in India and you can have totally different lists depending on your own valid reasons.

Price Disclaimer: If price range (or price) for any of the products is mentioned in this article, then it can change in the future. They are highly dynamic in nature. Techscoops or e-commerce sites do not hold any responsibility for the price change.

Our List Of Best Speaker Brands In India 2022

BrandPrice RangeBuy On Amazon
1. JBL₹1500+Check Now
2. Bose₹7000+Check Now
3. Marshall₹13000+Check Now
4. Ultimate Ears (UE)₹3000+Check Now
5. boAt₹1000+Check Now
6. Sony₹2000+Check Now
7. Philips₹1000+Check Now
8. Zebronics₹400+Check Now
9. F&D₹600+Check Now
10. iBall₹500+Check Now

1. JBL

JBL is one of the best bluetooth speaker brands in india

Price range of JBL speakers: ₹1500+

Over the years JBL has established itself as one of the most well known & top speaker brands in India. No matter what your budget is, you will always find a JBL speaker in it!

JBL has been in the audio industry for many decades and has introduced many technological features in the market. This has made them a trusted brand all over the world.

Their speakers come with multiple new features and a solid waterproof design. With bass heavy sound profiles, they are a treat for bass lovers. 

If you want compact speakers with rich audio and punchy bass, JBL is the brand which you should go for!

Why choose JBL :

  • Competitive models in every price range.
  • They have a variety of speakers for people with different tastes.
  • Most of their speakers are waterproof and are durable for a long time.
  • Some of their best selling speaker series are- JBL Flip, JBL Charge, JBL Pulse, JBL Clip.

2. Bose

Bose is a popular speaker brand

Price range of Bose speakers: ₹7000+

Bose is one of the well known brands all over the world. They have many patents related to audio technologies and speaker designs which make them a highly reputable brand.

While their models are expensive when compared with other brands, they live up to their price point. 

With a highly research oriented brand like Bose, you can always expect the best audio experience from their speakers. 

Bose speakers come with high quality sound and clear audio profile packed in a compact body which can be used anywhere! 

Why Choose Bose:

  • Comfort and clarity are main features of Bose speakers.
  • They compete in mid and high end with awesome features.
  • Unmatched clarity and portability
  • Some of their well known speaker series are- Bose Soundlink Revolve, Bose smart speakers, Bose Soundlink Micro.

3. Marshall

Marshall is one of the top  speaker brands in india

Price range of Marshall speakers: ₹13000+

Marshall is a british brand of high quality speakers who have been in the audio industry for more than 50 years. Just like Bose, they also compete in high end.

Due to their amazing amplifiers & loudspeakers, they are used by many bands in their live concerts. This is one of the great things about Marshall which makes them unique in their own way.

Their speakers offer high quality sound but with a twist of vintage look. Their unique audio engineering helps you to get the best out of all music genres.

While their speakers are somewhat bulkier and bigger than their competitors, they always sound their best! 

Why choose Marshall :

  • Vintage look with modern innovation.
  • Audio quality is among one of the best in the industry.
  • Loud and crispy sound.
  • Some of their popular speaker models are- Marshall Emberton, Marshall Kilburn, Marshall Acton, etc.

4. Ultimate Ears

ultimate ears is one of the best speaker brands in india

Price range of Ultimate Ears speakers: ₹3000+

Ultimate Ears is one of the top bluetooth speaker brands. The company has been around for almost a decade and they are producing some of the best bluetooth speakers. It’s due to the fact that their focus is exclusively on creating portable speakers.

Over the years UE has given tough fights to many top brands in the bluetooth speakers segment.

Their speakers have great audio features along with the waterproof body design. Almost all of their speakers can be taken outdoors and used without worrying much.

So, if you’re looking for some compact sized speakers with solid sound quality at an affordable price, then Ultimate Ears is the brand which you should go for!

Why Choose Ultimate Ears (UE):

  • One of the best portable Bluetooth speakers are made by them.
  • All of their speakers are waterproof and beach ready.
  • Solid sound quality in an affordable price range.
  • Some of their popular speaker series are- UE Wonderboom, UE Boom, UE Megaboom.

5. Boat

Boat is an indian speaker brand

Price range of boAt speakers: ₹1000+

Boat is an Indian brand which was founded by Aman Gupta in the year 2015. In recent years, boat has proved its quality by becoming one of the most well known speaker companies in India.

It also became the fifth largest wearable brand in the world in 2020. This is one of a kind achievement as it’s the first Indian company to achieve this position.

People love boat speakers because they provide amazing features at a competitive price. Their speakers are made with durable fabric and most of them come with rugged designs.

Their audio quality is quite good but they focus more on the bass aspect. If you’re a bass lover and like to take speakers outdoors, then Boat is your friend!

Why choose Boat:

  • Rugged built quality speakers.
  • Good speakers in every price segment.
  • Great option for bass lovers.
  • Some of their popular speaker series are- Boat Stone, Boat Rugby, Boat Aavante, etc.

6. Sony

Sony is one of the best speaker brands in india

Price range of Sony speakers: ₹2000+

Sony needs no introduction as their products speak for themselves. In the audio industry, they have introduced many speakers with cutting edge technology at a competitive price.

This makes them a consumer friendly brand as they always try to bring new features at a very reasonable price.

Their speakers come with excellent audio quality and powerful bass modes. Despite the small body, Sony speakers can be used for parties as well.

And their durable & rugged design allows them to be used outdoors. As sony is a versatile brand, you will be able to find their speakers in almost all price ranges.

Things we like about Sony:

  • Powerful Bass and extra Bass mode.
  • Loud and crisp sound in a compact body.
  • They also make soundbars and home theater systems.
  • Some of their popular speakers series are- Sony SRS-XB series, Sony MHC series, etc.

7. Philips

philips is an innovative speaker brand

Price range of Philips speakers: ₹1000+

Who doesn’t know about Philips, right? They are one of the top global tech brands who manufacture products in various industries.

They have a versatile range of speakers. From Studio monitors to desktop speakers, you can choose any according to your preferences. 

Philips speakers come with some of the top notch technologies which makes them one of the best speakers brands in India. They are available in all price ranges as well.

If you’re looking for speakers which you can trust and use without worrying too much about audio quality, then you can go for Philips!

Why choose Philips:

  • New innovative technologies in all price range speakers.
  • Durable & sturdy speaker designs.
  • Excellent sound quality and bass modes.
  • Some of their popular speakers series are- Philips Audio series, Philips SPA speaker models, Philips BT series.

8. Zebronics

zebronics brand speaker india

Price range of Zebronics speakers: ₹400+

When it comes to electronics accessories and products, Zebronics is a popular brand in India. They are one of the main brands which popularised portable speakers in India by introducing them in low price segments.

Zebronics is a good brand if you want to test out the portable bluetooth speakers for the first time. With a variety of options, you can choose your ideal speakers. 

Their speakers come with innovative features without costing too much. With good audio quality and punchy bass speakers, it’s a great choice if you have a limited budget. 

Why choose Zebronics:

  • Great features at an affordable price.
  • One of the first brands in India to introduce speakers in a low price range.
  • Good audio quality with punchy bass.
  • Some of the popular Zebronics speakers series are- Zebronics Zeb series, Zebronics SPK series, etc.

9. F&D

F&D makes some of the best dj speakers in india

Price range of F&D speakers: ₹600+

Just like Zebronics, F&D is also an indian brand. They make speakers for Indian market as well as the global market. 

Due to their innovation and competitive nature they have grown tremendously in the audio industry. As it’s an Indian brand, their speakers come with powerful bass to cater to the Indian market. 

They have a diverse range of speakers to choose from like the portable Bluetooth speakers and their own home theater systems. Their speakers come with solid performance and an affordable price point. 

Why choose F&D:

  • Feature rich speakers in all price ranges.
  • They manufacture a variety of speakers like Tower speakers, Trolly speakers, Bluetooth speakers, etc.
  • Popular in Indian market due to affordable pricing.
  • Some of the popular F&D speakers are- F&D W series, F&D Tower speakers, etc.

10. iBall

iball speaker brand

Price range of iBall speakers: ₹500+

Another Indian brand in our list! Since its debut in 2001, iBall has grown quickly over the years. Their products range from computer peripherals & speakers to their own range of smartphones and tablets.

Due to their competitive nature, they have been successful in capturing the Indian market more quickly than others.

As they are diverse in nature, you will find many types of speakers to choose from. And due to the low prices, they can be afforded easily.

So if you’re looking for new features on a low budget, then iBall is the speaker brand you should go for!

Why choose iBall:

  • Affordable pricing with great features.
  • Diverse speaker range including Karaoke speakers, Tower speakers, Multimedia speakers, etc.
  • Good audio quality with durable design.
  • Some of the popular iBall speakers are- iBall Musi series, iBall Tarang series, etc.

Top Speaker Brands In India- FAQs

What are some of the top Indian speaker brands?

There are many Indian brands which you can go for, but in our opinion you should go for: boat, Zebronics, iBall & F&D. They are the most preferred Indian brands currently.

How much does a good speaker cost?

There are many speakers in the market which claim to be great. But if you bring your budget to at least 10,000 then you’ll find many good options with latest features.

Do expensive speaker produce better sound?

If you are expecting top notch sound quality, then expensive speakers always do a better job than the budget ones.
However, we always recommend our readers to go for the speakers with features they want. As no speaker is great in all aspects.

Does speaker size matters?

Yes, a bigger speaker produces better sound with optimum loudness. They are louder and can produce more bass than smaller ones.
Whereas small speakers are restricted due to their size and are have limited features.

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Best Speaker Brands In India- Conclusion

In this article we discussed some of the top speaker brands in India who we prefer according to their overall performance. They all are popular and have given good speakers consistently over the years.

We hope that this article will help you in your journey of finding the best speaker. All of these brands are one of the most trusted ones and they all have their service centers in majority of cities.

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