Top 10 Best Helmets Under ₹1000 In India 2022 [ISI Certified]

top 10 best helmets under 1000 in india
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Finding helmets which are safe & good within the budget range can be hard. And if you’re looking for the Best Helmets under 1000 In India then, this article is definitely going to help you.

After hours of research we have listed the top helmets under the ₹1000 price. All of these helmet models are ISI certified and come from the popular brands which ensures that you get the original product.

For our full review of each helmet you can scroll down and continue reading. Also, for a quick view, we have organized all the products in the table given below.

Price Disclaimer: If price range (or price) for any of the products is mentioned in this article, then it can change in the future. They are highly dynamic in nature. Techscoops or e-commerce sites do not hold any responsibility for the price change.

Our List Of Best Helmets Under 1000 In India

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3. Vega Cruiser CR-W/P-DK-MBuy Now
4. Steelbird Air SBA-1Buy Now
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1. Steelbird R2K

Steelbird R2K is one of the top helmets under 1000 in india

This Steelbird helmet is a flip-up type helmet. It is good for those riders who have to lift their helmet frequently. It comes with 6 color variants to choose from.

The outer shell is sturdy and is made of high quality ABS material. The weight of the helmet is light which reduces the feeling of bulkiness on the head.

The interior is made up of air-mesh fabric for comfortable riding and gives full fitting on the head. This visor is fully protected from UV rays due to use of polyurethane paints. The presence of neck padding adds another level of comfort.

The special feature of this helmet is pockets for Bluetooth speakers which is good for those who regularly use a headset while wearing the helmet.


  • Lightweight Design
  • UV Resistant Visor
  • Bluetooth Speaker Pockets


  • Inner Padding Is Slightly Thin

2. Studds Marshall

Studds Marshall is a good helmet under 1000 inr

This Marshall helmet from Studds is an open face helmet. It has premium looks and the quality of the product high.

The outer shell is protected from a high grade of engineering thermoplastic which provides safety to the head. The polyurethane paint is used on the visor for protection from high UV rays which is helpful in long day rides.

visor gives a clear view which is helpful in conditions like rain and storm conditions.

The dynamic ventilator system is also good and it makes sure that there’s no suffocation while wearing the helmet. The chinstrap mechanism is easy to use and doesn’t get loose with time.


  • Sturdy & Quality Body
  • Good Air flow design


  • Slightly heavy

3. Vega Cruiser CR-W/P-DK-M

Vega Cruiser is one of the best helmets under 1000 price in india

This helmet from Vega is an open face helmet. This design is overall good and feels premium. Due to use of high quality materials, It is capable of saving riders from heavy impact on them.

The outer shell is strong and sturdy. The helmet offers a large viewing area. It has a multi positioned visor which you can use according to your preferences.

The inner padding is made of good quality materials and provides a comfortable experience.

It has UV resistant and scratch resistant visor which ensures that the helmet will be durable for a long time. The chinstrap mechanism is easy to use and helps in more comfortable fitting.


  • Simple & Premium Design
  • Small Hole For Helmet Lock


  • Slightly Thin Padding

4. Steelbird Air SBA-1

Steelbird air sba 1 can be found under 1000 in india online

This helmet from Steelbird helmet is a full face helmet. It’s outer shell is strong and reliable in the long run.

The air ventilation system is properly designed as the air intake is located in front and two rear extractions are given for recycling of inner air.

There are also some air vents located on the helmet’s upper part for comfort from sweat.The inner padding is removable and can be washed as per the requirement. The foam used is also of good quality.

The visor has anti scratch coating as well. It also comes with the neck protector for a comfortable fit.


  • Washable Padding
  • Simple & Sturdy Body
  • Proper Ventilation System


  • Slightly Heavy

5. Vega Crux

Vega Crux is one of the top 10 helmets under 1000

This helmet from Vega is a half face helmet. It has a  lightweight body.The design of this helmet is dashing with a shade peak.

The outer shell is made of ISI standards ABS which provides safety during high impacts. The inner padding has proper cushions for comfortable fitting. 

Its visor is quickly removable and can be cleaned for better hygiene. The visor is scratch resistant and has a larger viewing port.

The ventilation system is good and doesn’t let sweat remain inside the helmet. The chinstrap mechanism is silent to operate. Overall, it’s a great half face helmet with all the necessary features.


  • Stylish Design
  • Lightweight Body
  • Proper Ventilation System


  • Strap Is Slightly Small

6. Studds Chrome Eco

Studds Chrome Eco is a good helmet for men under 1000

This helmet from Studds is a full face type helmet. It’s outer shell is solid and tough. It’s weight is also light which helps in long rides.

It comes with a UV resistant visor. The spare visors are also available in clear, smoke, tint and rainbow options. 

It has good quality inner padding which doesn’t cause any pain in the ears or on the scalp. The chinstrap is also easy to operate. 

The ventilator system is dynamic and has two air intakes for proper air flow. One feature we liked is that it has noise isolation till medium speeds which is rare in the budget range.


  • Quick Release Strap
  • Lightweight Body
  • Sturdy Design


  • Fogging In Winter & Rainy Season

7. Steelbird SB-50

Steelbird sb50 adonis is one of the best helmets under 1000 price range

The Steelbird SB-50 is a full face helmet with a unique Astronaut touch. It is aerodynamically designed and looks cool. It’s outer shell is made of ABS material for enhanced protection.

The interior is made of air-mesh pads which makes the overall padding quite breathable. It is also lightweight and doesn’t cause stiffness in the neck.

The air ventilators are given in front and at the back for popper flow of the air inside the helmet.  It has a fully scratch resistant & UV resistant visor. The buckle quality is good. Overall it’s a value for money helmet if you’re tight on the budget.


  • Aerodynamic Design
  • Air-mesh Interior
  • Lightweight Body


  • Slightly Small Visor

8. Vega Edge

Vega Edge is a good helmet for women under 1000 india

The Vega edge is a full face type helmet. It comes with an aerodynamically designed shell with a large viewing port. It is fully protected with ABS material which protects the rider’s head in case  road accidents happen.

It has scratch protected visors which makes it durable for a long period of time. The air vents are available on the two sides of the helmet, mouth and top.

The inner padding is quite good and can last longer if properly cared for. The ear and cheeks support are soft and sturdy which makes the wearing more comfortable.

Overall it’s a good helmet at it’s price.


  • Proper Air Vents
  • Scratch Resistant Visor
  • Stylish Design


  • Visor Is Little Tight

9. Steelbird SBH-21

steelbird sbh 21 is a good full face helmet under 1000 india

This helmet model from Steelbird is a full face helmet. It’s outer shell is made of high quality ABS which absorbs the impacts & prevents any serious injury.

The Interior is designed in Italian format with multiple pore style which provides a comfortable fitting.

It’s padding is also thick and breathable. The air ventilation system is decent but can feel suffocating if worn for longer duration. The buckle quality is good and performs as expected.

The visor is fully anti scratch coated and can be easily removed. The reflective coating comes handy at night and will help in seeing things clearly.


  • Reflective Helmet
  • Simple & Solid Design
  • Comes With Neck Protector


  • Air Circulation System Is Not Good

10. Studds Premium Vent

Studds Premium Vent is one of the top helmets under 1000 india

The Studds premium vent is a full face helmet. As it’s full face helmet it provides better safety on the head.

It’s Interior is made up from polystyrene foam which protects the head in times of accident. It also has a hypoallergenic liner for prevention from allergy and dust particles.

It has an easily removable visor. The chin strap is easy to operate and takes off quickly. The visor is capable of protecting from UV rays due to special coating.

The air ventilator system is present in front of the helmet which helps in proper air flow inside the helmet.


  • Solid & Sturdy Body
  • Thick Inner Padding
  • Quick Release Visor


  • Not Many Air Vents

FAQs- Top Helmets Under 1000 In India

Which type of helmet is legal in India?

The government has made it mandatory that a helmet must carry the ISI mark. Any helmet which does not have this label is not considered as legal.

Is it compulsory to wear a helmet at night?

Yes, you should wear your helmet whenever you are riding on two wheelers. This is a habit which can help you to avoid any major injury in time of accidents.

Should I change my helmet after it cracked?

Yes, you should always change your helmet if it has a minor crack. Helmets are made to protect the head and if the helmet is not in good shape then how can it save the rider.

Best Helmets Under 1000 In India- Conclusion

So, in this article we discussed all the top helmets under the ₹1000 price range. All of the above helmets are good and differ only in just design.

Also, make sure to measure the size of your head and then look for the respective variant models. This will ensure that the fitting is comfortable and tight.

We hope that this article will help you in making the buying decision. Still if you have any doubt, then you can ask your question in the comment given below.

Thanks for reading our article and have a safe ride!

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