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Has it ever happened to you that you were sending an SMS and it showed an error? If that’s the case, then your device might have an incorrect SMS center number. 

Many users don’t know about this feature and as a result they are unable to solve this issue. That’s why in this article, I will discuss how you can change or add correct Airtel SMSC numbers on your smartphone.

To directly check the message center number list of all the states take help of the table of content given here.

What Are The Airtel SMS Settings?

SMSC which is also known as Short Message Service Center number are used to transfer text messages to their destinations.

Every telecom service provider has its own SMSC number for every state of India. This helps in connecting the users of different states. 

Whenever you are sending a message to someone then SMSC basically works like a medium between sender and receiver.

If SMSC is wrong in your messaging settings then you will have to change it according to your state location. As incorrect code will make it unable to send or receive SMS on your number.

Note: This smsc code is stored in the sim and not in the device and when we change the state then it also changes itself automatically. However, sometimes it doesn’t change and causes many network related problems.

List Of Airtel Message Center Number For All Indian States

This is a list of SMSC numbers for all states. You don’t need to add all of the codes. Just go through this list, find your region and copy the Airtel sms settings number given on the right side of your state.

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Just below this table, I have provided different ways to change the default message center number for both iPhones and Android devices. Scroll down to find out.

Area NamesAirtel SMS Settings Number
Airtel SMS Center Number Andhra Pradesh (AP)+919849087001
Airtel SMS Center Number Assam+919818023015
Airtel SMS Center Number Bihar+919831029416
Airtel SMS Center Number Chhattisgarh+919845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number Delhi+919810051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Gujarat+919831029416
Airtel SMS Center Number Himachal Pradesh (HP)+919845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number Haryana+919810051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Jammu & Kashmir (J&K)+919845086007
Airtel SMS Center Number Jharkhand+919845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number Karnataka+919845086007
Airtel SMS Center Number Kerala+919810051905
Airtel SMS Center Number Kolkata+919845086007
Airtel SMS Center Number Maharashtra+919898051916
Airtel SMS Center Number Madhya Pradesh (MP)+919845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number Mumbai+919898051916
Airtel SMS Center Number Orissa+919818023015
Airtel SMS Center Number Punjab+919815051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Rajasthan+919815051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Telangana+919849087001
Airtel SMS Center Number Tamil Nadu (TN)+919898051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh (UP)+919810051914
Airtel SMS Center Number UP West+919810051914
Airtel SMS Center Number UP East+919810051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Uttrakhand+919845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number West Bengal (WB)+919932029007

How to Check & Change Airtel SMSC In Android Device

Method 1: Through Settings

airtel message center number

If you are unable to send or receive the text messages on your android smartphone then first of all you need to check whether the current SMSC number is correct or not. 

To get the information about the current settings, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Device settings on your screen. 
  2. Press on the search button and search Messaging.
  3. Click on it once it’s found.
  4. Go to the Advanced/Additional settings option.
  5. Now click on the SMSC option.
  6. If your phone supports dual sim, then you will see both of them.
  7. Click on the faulty sim.
  8. Now you will see the current SMS center number.

Method 2: Through USSD Code

Here is another method to check the smsc number of your smartphone. But this method might not work in some smartphone models.

Still you can try it by following these step by step instructions:

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dial pad then the Testing option will open on your screen. 
  2. Click on the Phone information 1 or 2 then scroll down the screen.
  3. After that you will have SMSC options.
  4. There will be two options- Update and Refresh.  
  5. If the current SMSC number is wrong, then click on update and paste the right one according to your state.

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Note: To check if the current code is right or not, simply go through the list which we have given above. If your phone has an incorrect number of your state, copy it from the above table and paste it in the place of your old number.

How To Check & Change Airtel SMS Center Number In iPhone

Method 1: Through Phone Settings

Iphone users can also check their SMSC number using the inbuilt settings. First just check it, if it’s wrong then only consider changing it otherwise your sim will show errors in sms.

  1. Go to iPhone settings on your screen.
  2. Find the Message setting option
  3. Click on the Advanced Settings.
  4. Select the SMSC option.
  5. Now you can check your SMSC number. 

Method 2: Through iPhone USSD Code

airtel sms settings for iphone

You can also check the Airtel SMSC number by dialing an exclusive ussd code. This will work only on iOS devices.

  • Dial this number **5005*7672# in the dial pad.
  • Press the call button to send it.
  • Now, a popup will appear with the current SMS center number of your sim.
  • Compare it with the numbers we have given in the above table. If it’s wrong for your state, then follow the next step to change it.
  • Again dial **5005*7672*SMSCNUMBER#. You have to replace the SMSCNUMBER with the correct code.

For Example, if my state is Bihar then the smsc code for iPhone will be:


  • Now send it.
  • After this, a popup will be displayed with the successful message.

Note: Once you have found out that the sms settings are wrong in your iPhone then, take help of the above sms settings number list for changing it.


So, these were the methods to change the SMSC number of your device. I have also provided the full list of all the state SMSC codes.

You just need to copy and paste the right one with the old number.

If still you are experiencing technical issues in sending and receiving text sms on your device then I’d advise you to call the Airtel customer care number.

I hope that all of your doubts will be cleared. But if you still have any, then you can comment below so that we can help you.

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FAQs- Airtel SMS Settings

  1. What is the airtel message center number for Tamil Nadu?

    The Airtel SMSC number for Rajasthan is +919898051914. This number is valid for all the Airtel users who are residing in the Tamil Nadu state.

  2. Can we change Airtel SMSC for every state?

    Yes, if currently you have the wrong message center number which is not in accordance with your state then you should definitely change it.

  3. What is the Airtel carrier smsc number for Airtel network?

    The toll free carrier smsc number for Airtel sim is 1800-103-4444. This number is valid all over India and can be used 24×7 from any smsc supporting device.

  4. What is the airtel message center code for Delhi?

    The Airtel SMSC number for Delhi is +919810051914. Here, +91 represents India’s dialing code.

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