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Best airtel apn settings fast internet
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Currently Airtel is one of the best telecom networks in India with millions of daily users. In fact most of the people prefer Airtel due to its high speed internet and low pings.

But many times, due to wrong or faulty Apn settings, users have to experience low download and upload speed on the Airtel network.

In this post, I will recommend the best and official Airtel Apn settings. These will work for all the different devices you have and you will be able to access fast internet. This will help you in enjoying the live TV streaming, IPL and online gaming seamlessly.  

These are tried and tested by myself on my own smartphone as well. So, give a read to this article and apply the steps and save the correct Airtel configuration settings in your smartphone. 

I am very sure that you will not get internet connectivity issues in Airtel after applying these methods.

What are the Airtel APN Settings?

configuration settings using airtel website

Airtel was founded in the year 1995 with vision in India. Currently it is available in 18 countries. It provides call, broadband,  sms and internet services. 

It is one of the fastest internet providers in India and is the 2nd largest telecom provider with a huge user base of 355 million active users.

Airtel has unique APN settings for their users and if you use the official settings then you can easily increase your internet speed and enjoy the 4G power.

Name of the Airtel Apn is which is used only in their network. If you are not using this one, then it is possible that your apn settings will not work properly on their network.

Airtel Apn Settings For Android

  • Open phone settings on your device and click on SIM card & mobile data. 
  • Click on Airtel SIM then click on Access Point Names.
  • Now create a new APN and fill details given from this table:
Airtel Apn SettingsDescription
NameAirtel 4G
APN TypeDefault
ProxyNot Set
UsernameNot Set
PasswordNot Set
MMS ProxyNot Set
MMS Port80
Authentication TypePAP
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
  • After filling these details, save it.
  • Now, reboot your phone and check if the Airtel 4G Apn settings are working or not.

Airtel Apn Settings For Iphone And Ipad

  • Go to iOS settings then click on cellular Data and click on cellular data option.
  • Enter the APN information which is given below:
UsernameNot Set
PasswordNot Set

Airtel MMS settings for iOS Devices:

  • Go to LTE Setup and move to the MMS section.
  • Now, enter these details there:
MMS ProxyNot Set
MMS Maximum Message Size1048576

Airtel Apn Settings For Windows

  • Go to the App list then click on Settings > Network & Wireless > Cellular & SIM.
  • Now select the SIM slot then click on SIM properties. 
  • Add new APN from the below information:
APN InfoDescription
UsernameNot Set
PasswordNot Set
IP TypeIPv4
Proxy Server202.56.231.117
Proxy Port8080
  • Now click on the save option.
  • Reboot your Windows device once, after that you will be able to access the Airtel internet.

Airtel Apn Settings For BlackBerry

  • Find and click on settings on your device.
  • Click on Network Connections then tap on mobile network.
  • Go to APN and create a new APN for your network.
  • Enter the information from this table.
  • Save this new APN and reboot your device.

How To Get Airtel Internet Settings

There are many official ways using which you can get the 4G internet settings for the Airtel network. You can choose any method according to your preferences:

Get Airtel Internet Settings via SMS

airtel internet settings using sms
  1. Open the Messages app on your device. 
  2. Type “MO” in the message box then send it to 54321.
  3. After a few minutes, you will receive a SMS from Airtel and it will contain Airtel Apn settings. 
  4. Click on the ok option to apply these new Apn settings. 
  5. After clicking on ok then reboot your mobile and you will have get good internet speed of the Airtel 4G network.

Get Airtel Apn Settings via Call

  1. Open your phone number dial keypad.
  2. Dial “121” which will connect you to the Airtel customer service operator.
  3. Explain your internet problem to the operator, they will solve your problem.
  4. Once the operator has applied settings from his side, check your Airtel internet speed.
  5. If the problem still persists, then call them again and ask them for the solution.

Get Airtel Apn Settings via Email

  1. Open the Gmail app on your device. 
  2. Write down the problem of Airtel internet which you are facing in the email.
  3. Send this email to [email protected] 
  4. After some time, Airtel customer support team will reply to your email with the solution.
  5. Follow their solution and enjoy the high speed internet in your AIrtel SIM. 

Get Airtel Apn Settings via Airtel website

  1. Click on the Airtel website button, their official website will be opened.
  2. Enter your phone number then you will get a SMS of new Airtel APN settings.
  3. Save these new VPN settings on your device.

Get Airtel Apn Settings via Twitter 

  1. Click on the Airtel Cares twitter account by clicking here.
  2. Then tag them and tweet about your internet problem.
  3. After some time, they will reply to you with a solution.
  4. Apply the process which is provided by Airtel Cares.
  5. Once done, check the internet speed to see if it is working or not.

Conclusion – Airtel Internet Settings 4G

In this article, I explained all the official and manual ways to get Apn settings for Airtel sim. All of these methods are easy to use and will work properly if saved correctly.

Once you have saved the settings, I will suggest that you test the internet speed. This will help in ensuring that these settings have worked as intended.

I hope that the ways given in this article will help you. If you have any questions related to Airtel APN settings then you can write them in the comment section given below.

Thank you for reading this article !

FAQs – Airtel Apn Settings

  1. How can I contact Airtel customer care?

    You just need to dial 121 on your call dial then you will be connected to the Airtel operator.

  2. How to add new Airtel APN settings on devices?

    The method to add these settings vary according to the type of device you are using. I have provided all the ways in the above sections. 

  3. What is the Apn of Airtel sim?

    Every network provider has its unique APN for their network. For Airtel it is and this is only valid for Airtel users.

  4. Are Airtel Apn settings secure?

    Yes, they are properly secured and won’t harm your device in any manner. Just make sure that you are adding the correct details like-APN –
    Port – 8080
    Server – 

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